jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

The birth of a Swedish Prosperity Challenge

I love the Sims 2, and could play forever. The Prosperity challenge
fits my gaming habits perfectly, I like playing for a few simdays on
each family and see them aging together. Best thing ever happened
with Freetime, now the children's NPC friends can grow with them!

Since I'm a bit slow (Swede and all), it took me three years to find
this challenge. Anyway, I decided to give it a try. 

Naming things is not what I like, so I grabbed a map, pointed a finger at it and ended up on a
tiny village called Mattsmyra in the middle of Sweden. That is now
the name for my Prosperity challenge.

So, I started with rolling for the number of families and ended up
with five. The names of the houses I found by checking the map around
Mattsmyra, and picking names sounding like farms - Mattsgården,
Myren, Korskrogen, Roteberg, Letsbo (actually I think I made the first two up on my own)

First family I named Mattsson after the village. It consists of
originally 6 people. One adult male, One teenage girl, One teenage
boy, One child boy, One toddler boy, One toddler girl.
Tough start for the father, named Dan.

Second family I named Myhr, also after the village. The name means
Marsh, or Bog (where cloudberries grow). It consists of an elder
female, an adult female and a male teenager

Third family I named Johansson, since it is the most common name in
Sweden. It ended up as one teenage girl, two boy children and one
toddler girl. I also added parents as place holders, whom I killed
off immediately by locking them in a room. The children will have
proper family trees though, so it was worth it.

Fourth family is named Berg, also a common name in Sweden, meaning
Mountain. It ended up as an elder male, an adult male and a child

Fifth and last is a single household with an elder male, called Lind
(Linden tree), also a common name in Sweden.

See you soon, and keep your eyes open for more info on Mattsmyra

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