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Runemo year 50-53, Maternity Fashion

Last time at Runemo, we had a boring conventional wedding between Barbro Montell and David Sandvall

Barbro is sick, as is her husband David. It's not a good idea to throw a wedding party in the middle of flu season.

She’s apparently pregnant too.

David just got a job in his desired career path of Science, he’s a field assistant now, and needs to study cleaning.

Barbro is very pregnant and is wearing her thinking cap maternity wear.

This is what she’s “usually” wearing – her original maternity outfit. The baby is due in the early morning hours.

Barbro spends some time with her sister Anna, while waiting for the baby. Anna is in University now.

At daybreak the labour starts. Barbro in her thinking cap-PJs groans, like hundreds of thousands of sim mothers (and fathers) before her.

It’s a girl! At 7.42 on the 11th of July ’53, Märta is born, which is Popular name no 83.  During Barbro’s pregnancy, David has been promoted twice and is now working as a Project Manager. He’s very able to support his growing family.

Runemo after round 14:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Märta Sandvall


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