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Mattsgården year 54-56, Twice in a Blue Moon

Last time at Mattsgården, we saw a rare example of a good Nanny. Regarding the inhabitants of the lot, Dan was promoted to Judge, had an Anniversary party and died in Platimun. His widow Lena reached the Top of the Athletic career, which was her LTW.
Loke grew up well to elder and his wife Barbara maxed her Logic skill.
Emilia left for University, after showing her quality as a good big sister. Elisabeth grew up to a lovely teen with a Romance aspiration. Georg came home with an A+ report card and Hugo grew up to child.

The inhabitants decreased from 8 to 6.

Lena feels her time approaching, and tries to contact as many of her friends as possible. She’s also clearing up her businesses.

She lost contact with her eldest son Evert, and tries to reconnect.

It’s Georg’s birthday, he’s becoming a teen today. Good luck in the future! Cheering is his sister Emilia, his uncle Tobias, His step-uncle Evert and his father Loke.

Georg grows up well and choses the path of Pleasure. That might be OK, depending on your life-long dream, my friend. You’ve got the opportunity to change your mind in college, many years from now!

Week-end is play date time. Mattsgårdens’ baby Hugo is introduced to the girls of Korskrogen. All three of them are in a suitable age for him. He seems to get along fine with Åsa Benett. Her half-sister Stina is not so pleased.

Ellisabeth is telling the most fantastic story of aliens to Malva Montell. It would have been suitable to pair her up with Malva’s twin broter Sebastian, but there is no attraction at all. Quite the contrary actually.  Maybe he doesn't like her teeth sticking out of her chin.

Barbara arrives home from work and grows up well. Lena’s still here, fulfilling her dream of selling lemonade. She made it another day.

Georg decided that his LTW is to have 50 first dates, so this girl, Camilla Karlsson, is the first in a very long line.

And above the youngsters the two moons of Mattsmyra are waxing.

Georg is researching a cure for the ever present flu epidemic, but is coming down himself with a mysterious illness. Is it dangerous? We’ll see…

He doesn’t feel sick at all, so he’s continuing to work on the flu cure.

Which he takes himself first. Nothing seems to happen at all.

An unexpected fight starts in the kitchen. Solveig cheers for her mother Monika, and Lena, who amazingly enough is still here, is cheering for Barbara..

“Go, Barbara, go verbit!”

Everybody is so busy watching the fight, so they don’t notice the new guest. Nobody but Lena. Her time has come to join Dan in the sweet hereafter. She lived until she was 80.

She was my last of three CAS adults.

Barbara wins the fight, and Georg suddenly realizes who’s visiting. He grew up with Lena as his grand-mother but they are really not related. No one in this house is related to Lena anymore, her children Evert and Thea have their own houses.

Lena’s death date is the 27th of October ’56. She became 80 years old and died in Platinum. 1p for j68!

And as if the death of their grandmother and the fight involving their mother wasn’t enough, Elisabeth is also setting the kitchen on fire. Luckily the house is equipped with fire alarm so no one gets hurt.

Mattsgården after round 15:
Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Elisabeth Mattsson
Georg Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson


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