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Myren year 54-56, Sleeping Alone

Previously on Myren: Agnes grew up well to teen with a Family aspiration. She also maxed her Creativity Skill by painting for the Home Business.
Rolf came home from University to take over the house and the business. He got married to Britta Davidsson, also known as the female slob.
Evert opened a rediculously expensive clothing shop. His wife Marita had a supporting role only.

Agnes Myhr took a hard blow when her Farmor Lena Mattsson died. She doesn’t sleep well anymore.


Agnes is a Family sim and wishes to go steady. Unfortunately she has found no boy that appeals to her. Only Malva Montell can make her skin tingle, but only with one bolt.

Her brother Rolf sleeps very well, and is full of himself, but he sleeps alone. He is furious with his three-bolt wife Britta. The explanation to this will come in the University update, scheduled after the Lottefors update.

Britta is equally furious with Rolf, and sleeps alone, too.

Luckily the elder generation seems harmonious. Marita and Evert are chatting the night away, since both double beds are taken by the couple on the verge to break-up. Evert, being a Fortune sim is not very negatively affected by his mother’s passing.

Agnes spends Friday morning shopping, to feel better again. She knows her Farmor loved exclusive things too, being a Fortune sim. In memoriam, Lena!

At home, nothing is getting better, it’s getting worse. Rolf falls out of love. This is two Pleasure sims failing to start a date, boys and girls!

One good thing happens this black Friday – Marita is maxing her creativity. Her being a Knowledge sim makes it even bigger of course!

The home business is more popular than ever. The neighbours are lining up to grab their share of the Myhr family’s art, or something less expensive, produced in low-cost countries. The business is now level 9!

Agnes, who still doesn’t feel good after Farmor’s passing, has met a boy with one bolt. It’s the neglected Max of Korskrogen. Maybe he can help cheer her up and keep her from ruining her paintings.

Yes, he can! Now she’s platinum

Even the in-laws are very creative in this house. Britta maxes her creativity and can now contribute to the home businesses success.

Myren after round 15:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Agnes Myhr



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