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Korskrogen year 54-56, Bigamist Blues

Previously at Korskrogen, the service staff took furniture for payment in this house. We also  had an all-time-high in birthdays, among that Max growing up to teen with a Fortune aspiration. Åsa, Caroline and Stina were accepted in private school.

History repeats itself at Korskrogen. Livia’s daughter Caroline finds her mother with a stranger in the outdoor hottub. She is devastated.

The stranger's last name means Brave, and maybe you need to be to be with Livia. She's been around!

Livia doesn’t even notice.

Max is asking Agnes Myhr for a date on Friday night. He picks her up in his red pick-up (!) and they are slow-dancing at Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka, graveyard and restaurant.

There seems to be a power cut at Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka, and the conversation is a bit awkward, but it’s a good date so far.

The progress is fine and we reach great

Hey, Max! You better drive Agnes home now, this is the end of the line for you teens. The date ends as a dreamdate.

Maja Benett, Max’ adoptive mother, is keeping him company in the gym. Max wants to become a Hall of Famer, and he also wants to make money. He signed up for a job as a Locker Room attendant so he’s already in the correct field. He will however go to University before he pursuits his dream.

Weekend – The Mattsson’s are invited to afternoon tea. Hugo is talking about his special classes in mathematics. Stina is very interested. She however forgot to get dressed today. Max eats his last berry pie before Uni.

Daniel the Bigamist goes down-town in his pyjamas. Everybody is buying clothes and mobile phones. The poor man cannot even visit the bathroom in private. For the moment there is peace between his two ladies, they are even becoming good friends

Daniel maxes his Logic skill by using the telescope.

Max receives scholarships for his good grades and for charisma. He moves out to University.

Åsa and Stina are playing chess. “Can you imagine Max is all grown up! And tomorrow we will grow up, too!” Åsa says.

Sofie forgave her husband for having a lover. They are united again.

But the troubles aren’t over. Maja came home early from work, being promoted to intern. Apparently she aquired X-ray vision too, since she sees what Daniel does through three rooms.

Daniel finds it safer to return to his studies and maxes his Cleaning skill. “Gasp! It’s amazing what you can do with only water and an old newspaper!

Korskrogen after round 15:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Stina Johansson
Livia Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Maja Benett
Åsa Benett


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