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Roteberg year 54-56, Acheivements

Previously at Roteberg, Susanne Berg was working on a novel that she hoped would be a bestseller. She also tried to find some love, and did, with the help of the gypsy, find the Mailman Patrik Mellberg. He eventually moved in with Susanne and her perma-plat mother Kim, and tried to find a job in Law Enforcement, since his LTW is to become Captain Hero, but he had no luck. Kim did nothing noticable at all.

Susanne is painting as always, if she’s not writing on her novels.

She finished one, which is now in the publisher's office, awaiting printing and distribution. 

Her live-in boyfriend Patrik found a job as a Detective. He wants to become Captain Hero.

Kim, Susanne’s mother, hasn’t lost her romancing ways. Tobias Mattsson is a regular guest in her bed.

Susanne gets promoted to Restauranteur. We're closing in on her LTW!

The message from the publisher's office is that Susanne's novel was a success! Yihoo!

Despite being a Romance sim, Kim has behaved herself over the years. Ricky was only her third woohoo. Imagine that!

Roteberg after round 15:
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg
Patrik Mellberg


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