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Letsbo year 54-56, Breaking Point

Previously at Letsbo, David Lind, the heir of Letsbo was born and grew up to toddler. Annika was playing with the Bardh boys. The family failed once again in trying to get Annika into private school. The adult were just working in their respective career paths.

Melissa teaches David to walk one sunny afternoon.


It’s always sunny in Mattsmyra, since we have no seasons here.

That proves to be the last thing she ever does. The Grim Reaper is arriving to claim her immortal soul, on the 25th of June ’54. She was 72. Melissa leaves behind her son Georg with wife Allegra, and two grand-children, Annika and David. She leaves in platinum, 1 p to j68!

David takes a hard blow from his Famor’s passing. That’s not good, it’s his birthday tonight.

Annika has a hard time too.

Georg, being a Family sim, also takes it hard.

Even Hans, who has been a very quiet ghost, is disturbed by Melissa’s passing, and goes with Allegra to work.

Georg finishes what his mother started, and saved David’s aspiration for his birthday.

And David grows up well, looking like all other sim boys before him.

Weekend play date time. Annika is having a pillow fight with Noel. I hope they will grow up to get an acceptable attraction.

Annika celebrates her birthday on Saturday night.

“Oh, no! I feel a sudden urge to flirt with everybody and sleep around” Arrgh! Another Romance sim!

Annika orders a date from the gypsy, to try out her taste.

She gets Ralf. He’s a two-bolter, and the date is OK. Let’s see how the Bardh brothers turn out when they grow up, otherwise this might be an option.

Annika tries a new hobby – toy making. Wonder if there are scholarships for things like that too?

Sunday night is used for making friends over the phone. Melissa took a lot of contacts with her to her grave, so now Georg and Allegra hasn’t got enough friends for their promotions.


Letsbo after round 15:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind
Annika Lind
David Lind


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