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Lottefors year 54-56, A house on Fire

Previously at Lottefors, we experienced Groundhog Day, and a son was never born. Instead there was a daughter, My.  The flu was present, as always in this house. Malva and Sebastian grew up to teens and chose lives of Fortune and Pleasure, respectively. Anna was leaving for University, and the reamining three kids, Martin, Malva and Sebastian were accepted in Private School.

Farfar Jesper Montell is playing with little My.


Jesper looks like Santa Claus nowadays.

A small family breakfast of pancakes is served on Friday morning before school. Only the elder generation, Jesper and Inger, are missing at the table.

Inger, at the age of 64, is still working towards her goal of becoming a Criminal Mastermind. For the moment she’s working as a cat burglar, which is not very suitable for someone her age. It would be better for her to be promoted to counterfeiter.

Martin goes to Bluewater to pick up some electronic gizmos that he wanted. There he meets this guy.

“Why is your face so gray?”

“I’m using tons of make.-up from this very store!” the Count says.

It’s My’s birthday, and as usual everybody is sick.

It didn’t work. Let’s do another try.

Now it worked, but the initial failure still sent the party score down to Disaster. Or not. The last sign said “Not bad”.

My, being your everyday toddler, heads straight for the toilet bowl. I took this picture just to be able to tell you that her star sign turns out to be a very playful, but mean, Taurus.

Inger is also dealing with the toilet. She started fixing clogged toilets already as an orphanaged teen, and she still does it herself.

Jesper and Inger have become quite obsessed with woohooing. You could think they would be Romance sims, but they’re not. Jesper is Family and Inger Knowledge. It’s a good activity though. It keeps them in a agood mood, and they stay in bed to get well.

Oh no! The time has come for Inger already! She’s only 66, for Sim’s sake! She did have a tough life though. Bye, Inger! Hope you’ll be a nice ghost. She's not Platinum when she leaves. Boohoo, 0  for j68. This was my first CAS teen to go. Poor Inger, she really had a hard life.

Jesper receives a large heritage and a lot of days to live. I was afraid he would go at the same time.

The teens are distraught by their mother’s sudden passing and Malva burns dinner. This is not good for Martin, he’s leaving for Uni any minute now!

Luckily Martin didn’t have a fear for fire, so he’s leaving for Uni in a Gold aspiration. His sister and his sister-in-law are seeing him off. “Bye, Martin!”

The distraught teens succeed in setting the house on fire yet another time. This time it was Sebastian. And thereby round 15 is over for Lottefors.

Lottefors after round 15:
Jesper Montell
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Malva Montell
Sebastian Montell
My Montell


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