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SimLand University, year 54-56

No previously here - we just go:

Year 54

Charlotte Hartwig, known as Lotta, is dropped off at the dorm by her father Lasse.

And then...

Sofie Ceder is arriving too.

Lotta’s friend Kevin is also arriving to Uni, but a different dorm. If one of the Mattsmyra girls in Uni likes him, he’ll be moving in with them eventually.

Oops! It was the wrong Kevin, here is the correct one. But can you blame me? They look exactly the same!

Now, this is Kevin Rodiek, who is friends with Lotta Hartwig. Now we’ll recognize him.

Lotta has heard there is a Secret Society on campus. She’s not sure what’s required to be let in there but knowing someone with a black jacket seems like a good starting point. She’s chatting up Christa Ceder.

Lotta needed only to apply for membership in the Mattsmyra Greek House before she was accepted. She knows both Anna and Emilia very well.

Sofie has to learn to know Anna before she’s accepted. Both Lotta and Sofie are moving in to the Greek house as soon as possible.

Anna finds love in Allan Törnblad, who was invited to college by Rolf Myhr, and is now living downtown. e just graduated, so we didn't get to his lot yet.

He is very shy, and it’s hard for the spontaneous Anna to take it easy with him. Their date turns from great to silly with her proposal.

He agrees to have public woohoo with her though, and the date score goes up again to Good.

How is it possible to get a social crisis when living in a crazy Greek House? That’s a question for Lotta’s philosophy professor. Now it’s a fact, and it’s -1p for j68… >:(


Year 55

After playing hard to get for a while, Allan accepts Anna’s proposal. She will move in with him when she graduates after this year.

Emilia found love, too, in Patric Carlsson. They will settle down together when she graduates, maybe in her uncle Tobias’ house. It’s planned to be empty soon enough…

The romantic Lotta asks her Professor Lilja on a date and gets her first (!) kiss.

Community lots are dangerous. Anna was invited to an outing with Rolf, who knows Allan. Emilia was invited too. Rolf also brought his wife Britta, and the affair Emilia and Rolf had was discovered.

“Anyone wants a cup of coffee?” Remember that Emilia is a former Romance sim…

Safer to have a house party at the Greek house. The girls are entertaining themselves.

Year 56

Max Benett arrives to University with his adoptive mother Maja. He transits into an interesting outfit. I’ll let him keep it, just because. The baby hair needs to go, though.

Martin Montell arrives on his own. His house is turned upside down with the death of his mother and the flu and the fires.

Max and Martin are both Fortune sims, so they should get along fine.

Martin promptly applies for membership in the Mattsmyra Greek house, which is for the moment more like a sorority.

He already knows Sofie Ceder very well, they were going steady at home, but Emilia Mattsson, and Lotta Hartwig are all new to him. Anna Montell is his sister, but they were never close when growing up. They actually have a 0-relationship (!).

The testing is interrupted by a lecture, so Martin fails his first try to be accepted.

Max is trying the same trick.

And he is accepted. Yihoo!

Martin is trying again. Why is he getting all the members to schmooze? This time he succeeds, even though his sister was hiding for a while, so he couldn’t build relation to her until it was almost too late. He was late to class in the process though!

 Now to the Greek House:

Emilia Mattsson leaves the Greek house with a Magna Cum Laude in Literature. It has not been decided where she will live when coming back to Mattsmyra, but probably with her uncle Tobias or her aunt Stella, they have no children of their own.
Emilia’s aspiration is Grilled Cheese, and her LTW is to Eat 200 Grilled Cheese. Luckily I don’t need to count them.

Sofie misses the finals of her Sophomore year. That was not good. She passed anyway, however. She decides not to change her aspiration of Fortune. Her LTW continues to be Business Tycoon.

Anna graduates Magna Cum Laude in Psychology. She will move to her fiancé Allan Törnblad in Downtown. Anna’s aspiration is Family, and her LTW is to have 6 grandchildren. That may take a while. Her sister Malva witnesses something she would rather have not.

Out with the old Montell and in with the new. Martin moves in to the Greek House. He instantly falls in love with Sofie again. And she with him.

Max moves in too, with his spectacular new look and a Biology major.

Lotta invites her Professor Lilja (Lily). He serenades her, and they fall madly in love. It’s a two-bolt attraction, so I guess he will move in with her after her graduation.

Lotta reaches top influence in the end of her junior year at Uni. Big Sim on Campus, my very first!! And mind you – Lotta is a Virgo with 2 outgoing points! 1 p for j68.

Graduates this round:
Emilia Mattsson, MCL in Literature
Anna Montell, MCL in Psychology


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