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Färila year 54-56, A Respectable Woman

Previously at Färila, Leif Hartwig started a gaming venue, earning a Gold Badge in Sales. He also tried to find some loving and succeeded in getting his first kiss at age 28.  Charlotte (Lotta) left for University.
Lasse and Ida were constantly skilling.

Today, Leif is cleaning up his venue for the day.


He tried to invite Maja Benett here on a date without opening the business, but she immediately left. Closed venues and dating don’t seem to get along.

On second try it worked better. And Leif flirted Maja into falling in love with him. She may be easy prey now.

Leif got bored with Lilla Lokalen and sold it. He’s now planning on going into the clothing business. He’s got a gold badge in sales, but need to learn register and stocking. He buys Köpmansmarknaden (Merchant’s Market) instead.

Leif falls in love with Maja. I think she’s prepared to leave Daniel’s harem after what happened there. This couple may have a future.

Leif is starting his second business, to learn register and stocking. He sells clothes and small things. His father Lasse is helping him with the stocking.

Saturday night Leif asks Maja on a date at “Le Maqnifique” restaurant. He forgot to put his formals on…

“Maja, I know we met quite recently, but you make me a whole man. Will you do me the honour of marrying me?” Leif asks anxiously.

“Lovely ring! Of course I will!”
“Are you sure you like it?” Leif wrings his hands.

Apparently she did like the ring. The date is a dream date, and the expression in Leif’s eyes proves that the date score was true.

Leif works his new store up to level 3 on Sunday, earning a bronze badge in register in the process.

Lasse is promoted to Criminal Mastermind at an age of 62. 2 p for j68! Yihoo!

He celebrates by paying his wife Ida some extra attention.

Leif and Maja get married in a quiet evening ceremony on the 21st of November ’56. At last Maja is a respectable woman, and not only number two at Korskrogen. Her daughter Åsa remains with her father Daniel and her sister at Korskrogen.

Ida missed the wedding, unfortunately, but instead she’s promoted to General Practitioner. Congratulations!

Maja gets pregnant already on the honeymoon. There will be an heir to Färila, and Ida and Lasse will become grandparents!
However, the house is very small, so the family might consider moving before the baby is due. 


Färila after round 15:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig
Maja (Benett) Hartwig


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