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Hamre year 54-56, Reaping the Fruits

Previously at Hamre, Tobias enjoyed his perma-plat mood and was warming up a bunch of ladies for future enjoyment.

Tobias is reaping the fruits of his efforts in last round. Gerd is coming to his bed.


Moving on...

And Carla joins him in the hot tub.

Sara comes to his bed as number ten

And in the hot tub as number eleven, or something. I don’t get the counting here.

Long time, no see… Tobias and Maria Ceder (Berg at that time) had a teenage crush, despite him being a Romance and her a Family sim. Now she’s here, in Tobias hot tub, after reaching her LTW of having a Golden Anniversary.

Tobias never forgot his crush on her…

… and she never forgot either. Who forgets her first kiss?

However, Maria pulls herself together and leaves, before something disastrous happens. And there we leave Hamre for this round.

Hamre after round 15:
Tobias Mattsson


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