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Holmsveden year 54-56, The Pedo Stalker

Previously at Holmsveden we had inappropraite dinner conversation and a private school failure, but also a playful and loving family life. 

Daniel inherits some money both from Melissa, his former lover, and Lena, his step-mother.




His daughter Sofia however comes home with slipping grades. She obviously forgot to do her homework.

Luckily it’s her birthday today. The family is quaranteened, so it’s only her and her parents celebrating.

She grows up very well to teen, and chooses the path of glory via Pleasure. She likes muscular men with facial paint. Maybe a quarter back? However, all boys in proper age in Mattsmyra are her cousins. She needs to widen her horizons.

Her chosen LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef. We can live with that.

The only thing apart from the birthday, that happens this round, is that Sofia get cornered in the pool, by a creepy long-haired man when she’s working on her body points.

Holmsveden after round 15:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson


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