jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Österås year 54-56, Green Teen

Previously at Österås, Maximilian and his partner Nero were skilling a lot. Nero reached his LTW of becoming a Celebrity Chef, and the men also taught Vera how to study. Vera was also exploring her origin by using the telescope a lot.

Nero asks Boris over when Maximilian is at work. This is how he greets him!


Filthy cheater!

Next thing we know, they are cuddling in the hot tub and fall madly in love.

Maximilian arrives home promoted to Restauranteur. Luckily Nero stopped his cheating ways before this.

It’s Vera’s birthday, and a lot of friends are attending the festivities.

Hmm… That pink dress isn’t exactly becoming. We need some emergency shopping!

Vera grows up very well to teen, and chooses the path of… Romance! Oh, no!! (Or maybe YES, we can populate Mattsmyra with illegitimate alien off-spring!) Her turn-ons are formally dressed blondes, turn-off is glasses.

Vera settles for a completely new style. If you don’t look like anybody else anyway, why not make a statement?!

Headmaster Ville Walter is unexpectedly coming for dinner (forgot I invited him). Nero burns the lobster since he’s on the phone instead of watching it.

And Vera is accepted.

Saturday night, Vera and her father Maximilian are jamming together. Maybe they should consider buying a guitar, too, it’s a bit strange with only bass and drums.

And finally in the morning Maximilian is maxing his creativity skill, gaining the last point needed to be able to be promoted to Celebrity Chef.

No promotion for Maximilian today. Instead Vera is setting the kitchen on fire. And thereby we end round 15 at Österås.

Österås after round 15:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell
Vera Johansson


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