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Tallåsen year 54-56, Romance in the Air

Previously at Tallåsen, Maria grew up very well to elder, and acheived her LTW of celebrating her Golden Anniversary with a party. Sofie moved out to college. Lena was working out, and Agnes was a good girl in school age.  

Lena Ceder is a Popularity sim, who excels in school. She’s friends with Lotta Hartwig, who she calls at Uni to tell about what happened in her old school.


For other news:

Maria is promoted to General Practitioner. Not that it matters, she’s already permaplat from reaching her LTW of celebrating her Golden Anniversary.

Orlando is playing around with a thingy he got from work, and finds that Agnes is the one not cleaning the dishes after her meal.

Can’t imagine I didn’t install the chess board before in the house. Now it’s here though, and Pappa Orlando is playing a game with Lena.

“I feel like ice cream” Lena says
“Sorry, it’s not invented in Mattsmyra”

 Behold – the family got some curtains! I suck at decorating.

The headmaster is invited, and is pleased with the visit at Tallåsen. Agnes is accepted in Private School. Lena is already attending.

Agnes: “You know, I’m growing up tonight, and then I’m supposed to be marrying you”
Georg Mattsson: *minus*
Hugo Mattsson: *plus* (Yay, I won’t have to!)

Look at that, all grown up! Elisabeth Mattsson is here, too. Looks like she feels the competition from yet another girl in this neigbourhood.

And guess what she rolled? *dumdumdum* – Romance! My die is broken!!

Agnes throws herself into the arms of her childhood friend. His father Loke tries not to interfere. I really want these two to get married in the future, but so far we have only one bolt.

I can live with that, but can they?

Lena finds Georg hot. One-bolt hot. No alarm, then. Well, that's all folks. Let's see how this planned arranged marriage will work out. In college Agnes and Georg might be better compatible.

Tallåsen after round 15:

Maria Ceder
Orlando Ceder
Lena Ceder
Agnes Ceder


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