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Ovanåker year 54-56, Leaving No Trace

Previously at Ovanåker, Stella Mattsson and Jack Kjellen moved to their new house and furnished it exclusively. Stella grew up well to elder. The rest of the time was used for skilling and woohooing.

Jack went to work without breakfast.


Then he arrived home promoted to Coach before lunch. He brought Christel with him home, and didn’t manage to do anything when exiting the car, but fall to the ground, dead. So close to his goal...

“Hi, it’s Grim. Yeah, I’m here… Are you sure this is the right guy? He seems pretty young, hardly more than 45… Oh, 47, yeah, OK, what ever you say!”

“OK, let’s go – we’ll leave this stone here to your remembrance”

It’s the 18th of November ’54. Jack leaves no inheritance to anyone. (weird)

15 sim minutes later (truly!), Stella gets fired from a bad chance card. Sporks of steel is ALWAYS the correct answer, except today.

Bye, bye, dream of becoming a Celebrity Chef, it’s too late for you my dear. Better focus on that novel writing career instead.

It doesn’t take long before Stella is back on the dating scene. Here’s Daniel Gille. The repairman seems to see her, too.

And things develop like they usually do with Romance sims.

Real authors use their own experiences in their stories. Thank you, Daniel!

Stella gets into a real flow and maxes out her Creativity skill while writing.

Then she tries to have date with Jonas Carlzon with her clothes on.

And it works out perfectly anyway.

We leave Stella here, back at her computer, continuing her novel. Not one second was spent mourning Jack. He’s already forgotten, like he meant nothing. She has no memory of him dying even. Well, enough now, see you next time.

Ovanåker after round 15:
Stella Mattsson


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