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Öljung year 54-56, Identical Twins

Previously at Öljung, we had promotions and boys who took care of  themselves when their parents forgot to hire a nanny.

Thea reaches her goal of becoming a Business Tycoon at the age of 39. New record!


On the other hand she didn’t receive a heritage when her mother passed. I see a glitch emerging… Thea’s new LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind.

It’s the boys’ birthday. First Simon…

Looking good. He rolls Knowledge (*jaws dropped*)! His turn-ons are Swimwear and Fullface make-up. His turn-off is brown hair. His LTW is to max all skills.

Noel’s turn.

Looking real good. He rolls Knowledge, too!! What will we do with all the Romance girls that I planned to pair up with these two?

Noel’s turn-ons are fat vampires, turn-off is make-up. Is LTW is to become a criminal Mastermind.

With a Fortune Mother and two Knowledge teens, we of course need to attempt Private School. Headmaster Kostas seems to have been working in Micropolis before.

“Yes, Fru Bardh, our school has been working with a mathematics program for a few years now, and at the moment we have the highest grades in the country in trigonometry.”

(Yay, headmaster drinking coffee – bonus points!)

No the curtains are not new, they are just invisible in the previous shot. *ehrm*
(I know, I suck in decorating, I notice that there are no curtains when I take the pictures)

The headmaster is impressed. Pork chops and coffee are winners! Noel and Simon are accepted in Private School.

Öljung after round 15:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Noel Bardh

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