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Storfallet year 54-56, Keeping to your Own

Previously at Storfallet, Robin was constantly drinking. Konrad escaped the social bunny with seconds, and met Kerstin, who moved in. The busness was slow.
Britta had a confrontation with her husband's mistress Livia, whom she eventually paid off to get her off the premises.

Britta earns a bronze badge in Sales (not silver as the sign says), but is not amused.


Wonder if it was a bad decision to open the venue.

“This business thing is a great way to meet new people” Konrad says, playing poker with his childhood friend and room mate…

Robin has taken charge of his life and stopped drinking. He’s concentrating on his career in crime instead and is now a bank robber. Question is what is worst.

The newest member of the household, Kerstin, is trying to get in shape. It’s dark in the nights in Mattsmyra…

“This business is a great way to meet new people” Britta says to her husband Robin. This three-bolt couple is the strangest I’ve ever had. None of them is ever rolling up any wants involving each other, and they never touch each other, and hardly even talk.

The home venue is now up to level 3. It moves, but slowly, slowly.

Storfallet after round 15:
Britta Logren
Robin Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm

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