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Vallsta year 54-56, Social Training

Previously at Vallsta, Christel and Jonas were skilling. Jonas became the youngest Business Tycoon ever.

Christel gets invited to an outing with one of her 20 friends, Dreven


 (what kind of name is that anyway?!). Too bad she’s not a Popularity sim!
I suck at outings, but have picked up a few tips from other players – let’s see how we fare.

Green pluses are good, and usually there are a lot of green pluses involved in hot tub conversations. Besides that, Christel also forgot to shower before leaving home, so this is a perfect combination. Unfortunately all the hot tubers are not part of the outing.

Nah, it ends fun, but not more. We need some more practice!

She ends up in the bar instead, and witnesses the first meeting between Stella Mattsson and Gilbert Jacquet. Something to remember when we get back to Stella in the next round, but that could be months in RL.

I just love the helicopter pool! Jonas would like to make a shift in career tracks, but I think I will keep him in business just because of the helicopter. He wants to be a Hall of Famer now, so a compromise could be to let him work on his skills for that path, and in the meantime keep the business job.

Christel is practising her outing skills with her co-worker William Gotte. Let’s see if he can string her up the career ladder. The end score is super. We’re getting better!
But, unfortunately, we're running out of time, so no more practice this round.


Vallsta after round 15:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon



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