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Sörbo year 54-56, Toddler Trauma

Previously at Sörbo, we had an overdue baby Gerd, and a wedding with the wrong woman, in that order. Gerd grew up to toddler.

Ingeborg teaches little Gerd to walk, while the unpaid bills are piling up on the desk.


This house feels like a Generation 1 house when it comes to financial issues. I think the house is really too big for this small family.

And when Gerd is in bed, Ingeborg works on her own skills. She wants to become a General.

Jerry takes care of the potty training while Ingeborg takes a bubble bath.

Gerd learns to talk.
“That’s my girl!”

Ingeborg gets promoted to Counter Intelligence and brings home quite a lot of money.

No surprise here, Ingeborg is expecting. The baby is due in ’57, next round.

Poor Gerd, she has to put up with nanny incompetence, since Ingeborg needs to sleep and Jerry is at work. Ingeborg forgot that the regular nanny was scheduled on Jerry’s work schedule and called in another one. Now, one nanny is picking her up because she stinks, and the other puts her down since needs to sleep.

“This kid is stinking and exhausted, I better feed her, bet that helps” Karen Gast the most incompetent nanny in the neighbourhood thinks.

Jerry is promoted to extra, and is exhausted and stinking, too.

Four simhours later, the second, not-completely-useless nanny Amanda Jernelid changes Gerd’s diapers. Look at poor Gerd’s happy face!

*sigh* Since Jerry’s promotion changed his working time, another nanny shows up. She feeds Gerd instead of putting her to bed. This poor toddler has been totally red in energy for six simhours, and no one puts her to bed!


I never saw a toddler sitting up sleeping in their crib before. That’s how exhausted Gerd became. And the nanny is stalking her, planning on tearing her out of bed again.

Ingeborg pops again and looks fantastically happy about it. It’s her cleaning face though

“Yay, the bed is unmade, which allows me to make it. I love cleaning!!” (10 neat points…)

At last Gerd’s toddler days are over, and she will be able to fend for herself better.

Or not. Both mother and child are in crisis. Gerd needs to sleep. Ingeborg needs to eat, sleep, have some fun and have a shower. I promise you, you don’t want to see her plumbbob

A birthday party without anyone growing up is of course a disaster. Will Gerd ever grow up? Will Ingeborg ever be in a good mood again? Will she even survive?

Sörbo after round 15:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Gerd Berg


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