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Grusgatan 146, year 54-56, Logical Hazards

Previously at Grusgatan 146, Engla, the angel child, was well-behaved and grew up to school girl.

“Look, Lisa! Tessa has bought curtains to the upper floor! And they are all red and pretty!”


“Checo, you must be colourblind or sleep walking! You shouldn’t stay up all night like you do!”
“Mamma, Pappa, would you mind leaving our bed room, it’s the middle of the night and we’re trying to woohoo here!” Tessa says.
Elmer: +

It’s Engla’s first day of school and she comes home with an A+ report card. How did that happen? I’ve never seen anything like it!

And this I have only seen once before in Mattsmyra. Elmer is abducted by aliens!

And like in all other abduction stories, he is returned brutally on the sidewalk after a few hours.

Elmer is constantly thinking about his experience. He didn’t like it, he’s a Family sim!

You can hardly see the books over Engla’s head, but Tessa taught her how to study. Now, bed time!

I’m sorry to tell you that Elmer shows no signs of being pregnant. I thought it was a 100% chance for that if there is room in the house.

Wow! A sudden change of pyjamas can mean only one thing – Elmer IS pregnant! Yay, alien baby due in ’58!


Grusgatan 146 after round 15:

Checo Ramirez
Lisa Ramirez
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Engla Ramirez


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