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Runemo year 54-56, Genetic Anomalies

Previously at Runemo we had a maternity fashion show and a baby girl.

David Sandvall is maxing his Cleaning skill, without getting an icon over his head.

And Barbro got inheritance from her mother Inger, so it seems there is no death-bug in action, thanks Sim!

It’s Märta’s birthday and David was the one putting together the invitation list, so it’s all former townies attending. Look at Elmer's alien belly. Oooh, I can hardly wait to get back to him! (Maybe around Christmas, real time :))

The mandatory toddler picture. She’s looking like everybody else in Mattsmyra with her black hair and brown eyes. Märta turns out to be a very neat and quite active Scorpio.
It occurred to me right now, that it’s a bit strange that she’s got brown eyes. David has got gray eyes and Barbro dark blue.

However, when checking DNA, I see that Barbro is carrying the brown as a recessive. I thought that brown was always dominant. Apparently not! It’s Morfar Jesper’s eyes you see here.

The thinking caps are not helping when it comes to fire protection. And no books on the subject in Mattsmyra.

Both Barbro and David wished for a car, so we bought one, a really green one!

Märta knows all her toddler skills, and another boring round at Runemo ends.


Runemo after round 15:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Märta Sandvall

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