jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Los, year 56 - Starting off

This is the new lot of Los.

The name probably has something to do with Lynx, or bobcat, which ever word is correct English.


Emilia Mattsson, daughter of Loke and Barbara Mattsson of Mattsgården, moves in to her new house.
Emilia is Mattsmyra’s first Grilled Cheese sim.

Her college love Patric Carlsson moves in with 18.000 simoleons and a degree in Philosophy.

Patric is lucky that he turns on from fatness, and that Emilia is a Grilled Cheese sim. She will soon meet his standards, and this relationship will just be better over time!

But right now, time is already up, and with this update, round 15 of Mattsmyra is officially over!

Los after round 15:
Emilia Mattsson
Patric Carlsson


Tags: los

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