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Mattsgården year 57-59, The Neverending Flu

Previously at Mattsgården: Georg grew up to teen, choosing the path of Pleasure, started dating, and experimented with a cure for the flu.
Hugo met his future intendeds in the Korskrogen girls.
Elisabeth was history's less romantic Romance sim, and preferred to hang out with her girl friends.
Barbara was in a fight and won, and Lena passed away silently in Platinum, at the age og 80. Loke was totally uninteresting. 

Elisabeth misses Lena.


She is still sad that her step-grandmother, the only one she knew, passed away recently.

Her baby brother Hugo is moving on with his life, dancing the morning hours before school away.

Brother Georg, the heir of Mattsgården, is accepting an after school job as a golfcaddy. Don’t ask me why a Pleasure seeking teen would want a job, but he gets what he wants.

Loke is entertaining his new son-in-law Patric. His eldest daughter Emilia is an adult and lives with Patric at Los, but tonight the young couple is visiting her parents.

Barbara, with her thinking cap on as always (since she’s a Knowledge sim), serves dinner to all her family including her future son-in-law.

It turns out to be a nice dinner party, although a bit late for Hugo, who’s having his meal in his PJ’s.
“It’s a pity Elisabeth is sick”, Emilia says, “it would have been nice if she could have had dinner with us, too”

Loke lost some skill points due to a bad chance card, but he’s not too upset.
“Just to get down to it and gain them back” he says.

Barbara loses more than a few skill points. She’s getting demoted from Scholar to Test Subject due to working with practical science instead of theories. Good thing she wasn’t fired all together, then she wouldn’t have had a chance to reach her LTW.

She also came down with the flu, just as Elisabeth was getting better.
Look at Malcolm in the background - could he be a future spouse for Elisabeth...?

Georg has the annoying LTW of wanting 50 first dates. Today it’s Irene Conradsson. Upside with this LTW is that it doesn’t matter if the dates ends good or bad.

It’s baby Hugo’s birthday, but no one seems to care. It makes him so furious he grows horns.

Eventually his mother shows a remote interest.

“Look, my baby’s got biceps!”

Hugo grows up well to teen and rolls Knowledge. He turns on from brunettes with glasses, very appropriate for a Knowledge sim. He turns off from stink. He decides his LTW is to become a Mad Scientist. Suitable for a 1 nice Knowledge sim.

Hugo looks nothing like his brother, which is all well, since Georg isn’t exactly my idea of an Adonis.

Hugo’s got his own strange combination of his parents’ traits, though. Barbara’s puffy cheeks in combination with Loke’s pointy chin make him look like a chipmunk. The eyes and nose are OK though.

The strange looking brothers are cramming themselves into the dart board. Well, they are unique, that’s for sure.

Barbara maxes her Cooking skill while the pool car is waiting out front. She’s closer to her IW than her LTW right now.

And Georg continues dating.

Elisabeth is also trying a last date. She’ll be in Uni next round. She gets the same guy as Annika Lind of Letsbo had.

And we end this round at Mattsgården with Elisabeth, claiming her scholarships for Art, Culinary and good grades.

Mattsgården after round 16:
Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Elisabeth Mattsson
Georg Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson


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