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Myren year 57-59, Best of the Best

Previously at Myren, Agnes had a hard time with her Farmor's passing, but eventually found love in Max Benett, and got her first kiss. Rolf and Britta were furious with each other after a make-out incident at Uni. Britta and Marita maxed the creativity skill and Evert worked the home business to level 9.

Rolf apologizes to Britta.


“Please, dearest, I don’t know what went into me! I had a fling with Emilia before I met you, and it all came back to me there in the café.” (He lies, since he was with Emilia after he grew up and he met Britta when he was still in Uni.)

“Yeah, Yeah, whatever, just take it easy, will you!” She looks all forgiving, but you just wait...

Oh, no! Agnes comes home from school on Monday with a warning that her grades are getting bad. Usually I always see to that all homework is done before the weekend is over, but this time, what do we find?! The young missus has been hiding her homework between the fridge and the stove – no wonder I didn’t find it!

The home gallery continues to go well. It reached level 9 last round, and the loyalty stars are frequent even now. Agnes is learning the trade, but she’s very slow at the cash register, still.

Evert’s other business, the ridiculously expensive Hörnbutiken (the Corner Shop), draws some clients too. The store is only level 2, yet, but Evert has good sales skills, and will make it a success in no time.

Look! It’s that reporter guy! And he gets a star, and raises the level of the store to 3!

The reporter guy, who’s named Anton, gives Hörnbutiken a good review AND the price “Best of the Best”! And Evert sold him some decent clothes!

The next day, the home business reaches level 10! I’ve never had a level 10 business before!

Evert seizes the opportunity he gets with the big cash price, and buys another Gallery in Bluewater.

Ooops! Then I screw things up. I left the game running unattended for 5 minutes (=5 hours sim time) and the disaster is a fact. The loyaly drops to 9. Sorry, Evert, it was my fault!!

Here is what I meant before - Britta still doesn’t want to talk to Rolf.

Britta: “No! I don’t want to hear it!”
Rolf: *yawns* “Ask me if I care…”

Two minutes later -  Britta hasn’t even left the kitchen.

Rolf: “You’re hot, baby!”
Britta: …

Oh, no! Marita has been completely neglected by everybody, including me, and gets a visit from the Social Bunny.

It took Agnes forever to do her homework, and suddenly I realized she never learned to study. No wonder! But with a Knowledge mother you would have thought she’d roll the want. Maybe she did and I ignored it…

Evert and Rolf are going to Galleri von Deeg to check it out. They approve. Time to make some more money!

First some new uniforms. Rolf looks a lot like his father, don’t you agree?

And already a first sale!

The family’s loading picture reveals that Rolf and Britta still didn’t make up.

Rolf poured some drinks and opened the home business when arriving home from Galleri Deeg. The first customer liked the drinks and pushed the business to level 10 again. Thank you, Palle!

And the critic Anton shows up in the outfit Evert sold to him at Hörnbutiken. He’s writing a good review on the home shop, too!

The Myhr siblings are catching up on their friendships. We want no more Social Bunnies here! Then Rolf goes to bed beside his wife. I expected her to get out of bed…

But she stays there! And Rolf and Britta are friends again. Or at least not enemies.


Myren after round 16:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Agnes Myhr



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