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Korskrogen year 57-59, Three Teens

Previously at Korskrogen, Caroline caught her mother Livia in action. Max went on a hot date and left for University. Maja caught Daniel in action with his wife Sofie and there was a scene. Then there was skilling and socializing.


Korskrogen is the most chaotic house in all of Mattsmyra, but even here it’s calm sometimes.


Livia makes breakfast for the family on Monday. All the girls have their birthdays tonight, so we will have a party again. If Daniel and Sofie are getting well from the flu first.

Here they are, all of them. The half-sisters Åsa and Stina, daughters of Daniel, are sitting down, and their cousin Caroline, daughter of Livia, came too late and has to eat her cereal standing up.

Livia gets promoted to All Star and all the girls come home with excellent report cards. Åsa is showing off hers to her father’s wife Sofie, since her own mother Maja got married to Leif Hartwig and moved out. Sofie and Daniel got well, so there will be a birthday party!

Caroline goes first

She grows up very well and chooses the Pleasure aspiration. Her turn-ons are formal wear and full face make-up, while her turn-off is ordinary make-up

I don’t know what happened to Evert, is he impressed or disappointed with Caroline transition?

Åsa grows up very well and chooses the Fortune aspiration. She turns on from Fatness and underwear, buts turns off from make-up, just like her cousin.

And finally, Stina grows up very well and chooses the Pleasure aspiration. Her turn-ons are hats and stink, and her turn-off is custom hair.

The girls spend the afternoon with the Mattsson siblings. Åsa wants to be best friends with Hugo, but finds him unattractive romantically.
The other two girls feel the same. Too bad, I wanted him to marry one of them. On the other hand, things can chance later, like aspirations… The girls have declared the following LTWs: 50 first dates, 50 first dates, and 5 top level businesses. I will NOT do that for them!

Daniel gets promoted to Chief of Staff, thereby reaching TOC and LTW. 2 p for j68! He even has the decency to look slightly happy about it. Daniel is 61 years old.

His new LTW is to own 5 top level businesses. NO! I will not even attempt it!

Åsa has met Noel Bardh, and finds him one bolt hot. They enjoy playing chess together anyway.

Sofie gets promoted to Vice President. Slowly towards the top.

The first days of teenhood take their toll on our Pleasure girls. Simultaneous food sleeping!


Korskrogen after round 16:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Stina Johansson
Åsa Benett


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