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Roteberg year 57-59, Passing time

Previously at Roteberg, there was painting and novel writing going on. Susanne wrote a best-seller.
Her live-in boyfriend Patrik Mellberg, former mailman of Mattsmyra, found a job in the Law Enforcement career.
Kim went to bed with Ricky Cormier.

Susanne and Patrik take their relationship to a new level, and tries to get the next generation going.



I was actually surprised I got the cinematics, and also red hearts at this action - the relationship has not been very close, even though Patrik moved in last round! Obviously he wasn't as sensitive to moving in as Margareta the Mailwoman in Birka

And Kim maxes her Creativity skill in her underwear, then helps herself to a sandwich.

With one permaplat elder and two well-behaved adults who are off work in the house, nothing much is happening. Kim plays red hands with her friend, not lover, Lemmy. Maybe that's why she's dressed properly for once.

Third time is the charm. Both Susanne and Kim realizes that there will soon be another member in this family.

Patrik rolled the want to become engaged to Susanne, and asks her over lunch. She accepts. There will not be any wedding though, we need the baby to keep the name Berg.

Kim and Susanne find some time to play together, in the calm days of Susanne’s pregnancy.

And we round off this round with Kim and Tobias Mattson, relaxing in the hottub, discussing their shared interest.


Roteberg after round 16
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg
Patrik Mellberg

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