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Letsbo year 57-59, Celebrating Spring

Previously at Letsbo, the Lind family lost a lot of friends, when Farmor Melissa (Fancy) passed away. The family was upset for a while, the Ghost of Hans even started making appearances. However, both Annika and David grew up well, to Romance teen and child respectively.


“Pappa!” Hans really got disturbed by Melissa’s passing. He’s making an appearance on the top floor, suddenly, 38 years after his own passing. Georg is not amused.

Then Hans is going for his son’s wife. Allegra is very pleased, she’s Knowledge.

The younger generation, David and Annika, are having a nice breakfast conversation before school. Their Farfar left them in peace during the night.

Allegra is exhausted by the events of the night, though, and falls asleep in her cereal.

Georg becomes a lean, mean fighting machine with is maxing of his body Skill on Monday

Allegra catches the flu while at work, but at the same time gets promoted to Bank Robber.

Already the next day Allegra gets a promotion again, to Cat Burglar, even though she’s still sick.

Annika is working her fun up with Roland, a friend from school. No romantic intentions here, despite the fact that Annika is a Romance sim. Roland is not her type.

Then David comes home with top grades.
“Mamma, look!”
“Yay! That’s my boy!”

It’s certainly a big day at Letsbo! Georg is promoted to Captain Hero, and will be permaplat the rest of his life since that was his LTW! 2p to j68!

He celebrates with his lovely wife Allegra, who he now hopes to celebrate Golden Anniversary with.

Annika is invited Downtown by her first date, the goth kid Ralf. As soon as they arrive at the bowling alley the group is splitting up, claiming to have had a so-so time. Annika is left alone, and tries a little underaged drinking. It’s very common in Sweden on April 30th, it’s a traditional debut date for drinking.

This is the meaning of the tradition though. Families and friends are gathering and light a bonfire to celebrate the spring and to scare away evil.
I believe that the 30th of April is one of the traditional celtic witch sabbat dates, like Halloween. This heathen tradition is strong in Sweden. If you happen to fly over Sweden on the night of April 30th, you will see fires everywhere, like volcanoes towards the dark ground

The Lind family is enjoying their heathen celebration, and Annika is safely at home again. As you saw before she wasn’t very impressed with drinking, so she went home.

The night continues in an also traditional party. Annika invited some of her friends over, and manges to become best friends with Vera Johansson of Österås. Roland finds Vera hot. And thus ends the celebration of Valborg, which is the name of this day, and the Letsbo round with is.

Letsbo after round 16:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind
Annika Lind
David Lind 

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