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Marcus Montell

Marcus was born as generation 3, son of  Carita (Rosén) Montell and Simon Montell. He's got brown hair and brown eyes with a very dark skin tone. Marcus is the first baby born in the New and Improved Mattsmyra.
His aspiration is Knowledge/Pleasure and his LTW is to become Head of SCIA . Acheived at 37. Now he wants to become a Game designer.   His turn-ons are glasses and logic, turn off is underwear.

Birthday:  September 17th '59
Height: 58=180cm=1,03
Siblings My (Montell) Wern, Sara (Montell) Mossberg
College Major: Economy MCL

Preferred Hobby: Sports

Spouse: Elisabet Hartwig
Children: Axel Montell, generation 4
Charlie Montell, generation 4
Elias Montell, generation 4

Talent points:
Cooking 10
Mechanical 10
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 10
Creativity 10
Cleaning 9

His sign is Gemini and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 9
Active: 9
Playful: 10
Nice: 1

Marcus is brown                                                                   Marcus is held by his Farfar Jesper

Marcus wears camouflage                Marcus looks neat       
Tags: individuals
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