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Lottefors year 57-59, New and Improved

Previously at Lottefors, Jesper was a perfect Farfar for little My. My grew up to toddler. Inger, who started this challenge as an orphaned teen with resposibility to take care of her three younger siblings, passed away at age 66. Martin move to Uni, and the youngest children of Inger's - Sebastian and Malva, burned dinner. Inger's eldest son Simon was working towards his goal to become Cheif of Staff and wasn't seen.

My turns to her Farfar to get fed.

It’s always a safe bet, Jesper loves his grand-daughter dearly

I’m afraid that Jesper is becoming a little senile though. He wants to have a baby! It would be more appropriate to wish for a grand-child!

Especially since Carita is pregnant with her and Simon’s second child.

Their first child My learns to walk with the help of her father Simon.

Then it’s time for My’s birthday. Her youngest Farbror Sebastian is helping her.

Malva congratulates Anna, her elder sister. “You married a great guy, Allan is terrific!”

While the birthday girl herself is discovering the wonders of electronic entertainment.

After the party, that was a success, My and her mother Carita find some time to bond over the Yummy Channel. Bonding and skilling, that’s nice!

We are now preparing for a move of Mattsmyra to a new computer, with the full set of opportunities that come with all EPs, except Bon Voyage and Apartment life.


And we’re back, with high resolution and a baby pop. More news for Mattsmyra – We are re-introducing InTeen, which means that miscarriages can now happen again, and we also have ACR installed.
On the name front we are upgrading the Popular Names-list to 2008. That means that My Montell will be the only one, that name is off the list.

My immediately discovers her love for games. Carita seems to be a soar loser. She gets all depressed by being beaten in RockScissors by her 5 years old daughter.

Jesper buys a Flower Shop in Bluewater. He has started making bouqets at home, and now plans to continue at the Shop. When the shop is established he will transfer it to his son Martin, who wants to own 5 top level businesses.

As soon as Jesper goes to the Shop, the Critic shows up. Let’s hear what he’s got to say!

Alicia Mattsson is a real shopoholic. She gives Jesper his first simoleon, as she also did for Evert Myhr when he opened his clothes shop.

And Anton the Critic is impressed by the Level 0 shop and writes a good review AND gives Jesper the Best of the Best award!

Sebastian is taking his friend and one-bolter Lena Ceder on a date. He’s got that dreadful 50 dream dates want. Maybe some day I will try to go through with it. Not this one, though, it was only OK. Or maybe good, I don’t remember

At home, Jesper teaches My to study. This house is completely cluttered with stuff, everywhere.

Babytime! It’s been a while since we last had a birth in Mattsmyra. Six years, to be exact. Will that mean we'll have a round completely without Uni in the future?! Yes, I actually think so. But that's faaaar off, like 15 years.

It’s boy! On September 17th (hey, that’s my birthday!) ’59, Marcus is born (Popular name no 59). He looks like his brother Oscar who was never born.

Malva meets Mattsmyra’s richest bachelor, Malcolm Markövertag. Could this be a match made in heaven? I know there are many people out there that don’t like Malcolm, but I do! We’ll se in Uni if Malva has any interest in him. She is a Fortune sim, so....

Talking about Uni, Sebastian and Malva are leaving after this round. Sebastian isn’t exactly the studious type, being Pleasure and all, so he qualifies for the Creativity Scholarship only.

Malva qualifies for two scholarships. It hasn’t been easy to grow up in this full house, but she did fine. She get the scholarships for good grades and for Hygiene.

Lottefors after round 16:
Jesper Montell
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Sebastian Montell
Malva Montell
My Montell
Marcus Montell




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