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Färila year 57-59, A Woman Betrayed

Previously at Färila, Leif Hartwig fell in love with the betrayed woman Maja Benett, and they got married. He also started his second business to learn som restocking and register. Lasse, Leif's father reached his LTW of becoming a Criminal Mastermind at age 62. Ida was promoted and Maja found she was pregnant.

Leif is working in his shop. The business is flourishing


Alicia is showing up at Leif Hartwig’s shop too. I told you she’s a shopoholic!

Alicia also pushes the business over to level 4, after she’s been shopping all day. Also Evert Myhr, Mattsmyra’s best known business man, is here shopping.

Leif comes home exhausted from his shop. The rest of the family is skilling. Something strange happened when he entered the lot: There is a sign that is scoring a wedding party. That was last round, game!
No wonder it becomes a disaster, though, no one is getting married and there are no guests on the lot!

Lasse is maxing his body skill the same morning. They had the acheivements piled up, just to collect them this round!

!!! Now the limo is here, and Leif is all depressed that his wedding party was a disaster!

The limo is unselectable, and I give you Leif’s memories. This is just SO weird!

Poor Leif, it’s not good for him to have a false memory of a failed wedding party, he’s a Popularity sim! He's telling this horrifying story to one of his internet friends.

Leif throws a real party instead, and no more does she set foot on the lot, Sofie Ceder invites him to ”Get In” the hottub.

Poor Maja, left a Korskrogen where she was the other woman, to become the first of Färila, but still betrayed.

And a really close call at that! Maja and Ida comes home with the pool car the second Leif gets out of the tub, with the woohoo icon over his head.

On the upside (if the woohoo wasn’t too, depends on your moral standards), both Ida and Maja were promoted today and are now working as Specialist and Resident respectively.

Then Ida and Maja discover at the same time that they like sports.

And Ida gets promoted yet again, to surgeon, and arrives home in the wedding limo.

Or rather the Criminal Mastermind limo. Lasse got to his LTW last round!

Leif has a discussion with Maja’s daughter Åsa, who still lives with her father at Korskrogen, on the importance to have a good education nowadays.

“Yes, Farbror Leif, I will go to University and I will get top grades!”

And Lasse maximizes his Cleaning skill.

And yet another promotion for Ida! What happened?! She’s now working as a Medical Researcher, the same woman who took 28 years to go from Technician to Paramedic has now climbed seven career steps in 13 years.

She also finds that it’s raining, for the first time in her 69 years. Even more amazing!

Leif is at home having dinner with his highly pregnant wife.

“I met this new guy at the shop today...” Popularity sims...

Then he goes back to his shop, impressing his Moster Thea with his fantastic sales skills.

And the result is immediate – the rank of the shop is rising to 5, when it’s time for us to leave. The suspense of what the baby will look like will continue until next round!

Färila after round 16:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig


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