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Holmsveden year 57-59, Failing School

Previuosly at Holmsveden, Sofia Mattsson had bad grades, grew up very well to a Pleasure teen, and got stalked by a creepy old man in the pool. Her parents Daniel and Alicia did nothing.

Sofia Mattsson is really not the brightest kid in school.


I guess not the stupidest either, but she’s rather lazy. She didn’t finish her homework even though she had all weekend to do it.

Daniel reaches the top of the Athletics career and becomes a Hall of Famer. It was his LTW, so he’s now permaplat, and j68 gets 2 points! Alicia was promoted to Senior Manager and they both bring friends home from work.

Daniel is son to the late Dan Mattsson of Mattsgården and brother of Tobias Mattsson of Hamre, Ida Hartwig of Färila, Loke Mattsson of Mattsgården, Stella Mattsson of Svedja and Thea Bardh of Öljung.

The three boys in the hood in apropriate age for Sofia are her cousins Georg Mattsson and Noel and Simon Bardh. Too bad. But maybe she’s not interested in getting married, she’s Pleasure.

I keep trying to get her to do her homework, but she keeps putting them back on the desk. Please note that she’s still got homework unreturned from elementary school...

Yes, you’ve got bad grades. Don’t blame me! You’re the one refusing to do your homework.

Alicia finds her true hobby, which is cooking. Ah, she’s so beautiful, I just can’t stop congratulating myself on adopting this Indian style for her.

Sofia goes outside in her pyjamas, to check out and chat up the paperboy. She’s not overly impressed.

She brings David Ottomas with her home from school. They´ve got two bolts, but she´s still not impressed of what he’s got to say.

”Shut up and play with me!” This is a play date, teenage style!

They do some teenage date things, too, and we have a crush.

Aww, the sweet innocence of a teenage first kiss!

And after her dreamdate with David Ottomas, Sofia can be talked into dealing with her homework.

At least for a while…

Daniel finds that his true hobby is games. A suitable hobby for a Romance sim.

And Sofia is still failing school. Her friend Inga doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

Alicia is beat, but comes home promoted to President of her Company.

What to do with a girl who’s failing school? Let her play Sims for a couple of hours, then homework for a couple of hours. Repeat.

35 minutes and then she’s off again. I’m sorry, love, but your grades will NOT improve with your behaviour!

David Ottomas asks Sofia on a date. Maybe that will help.

The date is progressing fine and Sofia’s mood is improving. Enjoy it while you can, at home there’s a pile waiting for you.

The date becomes a dreamdate and ends with a big red heart above the young ones’ heads.

And as soon as she sits down with her homework again she becomes miserable. Sorry, Sofia, but you really have to shape up!

4 hours later – The End! Good girl!!

As a reward David sneaks by with a karaoke machine for Sofia. Someone called the bags the sims are using “Bag of Holding”, and I think I’ll have to agree!

That’s all from Holmsveden this round – see you soon!

Holmsveden after round 16:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson

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