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Österås year 57-59, Autumn Nights

Previously at Österås, Nero was unfaithful to Maximilian by woohooing Boris in the hottub. Now Boris is the lover of both the men at Österås. Vera grew up very well to teen and adopted a rebellious style. She was admitted to Private School despite a burnt lobster. Maximilian was promoted to Restauranteur.

In the night hours, when no one is watching her, Romance sim Vera is doing scientific studies.


Maybe she’s looking for her origins again.

The older generation, Maximilian Johansson and his partner Nero are in love as always. They are very easy to handle nowadays, and tend to be boring. Let’s see if ACR can put some drama in this household that consists of three Romance sims!

The tree of Maximilian and Vera. The Johansson clan (of which half is named Montell) is almost as big as the Mattsson clan. That means Vera has a lot of cousins in the neighbourhood. She’s not related to the Bardh boys (who are Mattsson’s). They are the correct age, but they turned out to be Knowledge sims and are not exactly compatible with Vera’s Romance aspiration. We’ll look elsewhere. Or she might stay single.

Vera finds that her preferred hobby is Excercising. Treadmill in the pouring rain is not what I would consider fun, but as we know, Vera is different.

However, when it comes to romancing, she’s normal. Here a neighbourhood boy named Christoffer.

Maximilian finds a new star, and also his love for Science.

The autumn is drawing closer, and the evening is chilly. Nero lights a fire in the fireplace. A much nicer fire than we usually have in Mattsmyra!

Not much is happening in this house, Maximilian is off work for three days and Nero is already a Celebrity Chef. Vera is a very well-behaved Romance teen, so far. She shows some interest in elder men, though, like Gilbert Jaquet...

Österås after round 16:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell
Vera Johansson

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