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Tallåsen year 57-59, Changing Shifts

Previously at Tallåsen, Agnes was admitted to private school. She grew up and rolled Romance, thereby confirming that my die is broken. The family got a chess table and was spending the rest of the update skilling, except Agnes, who started flirting with Georg Mattsson, the heir to Mattsgården.

Orlando and Maria Ceder are the first couple in Mattsmyra to wish for a pet.


They bought themselves a female puppy, who they named Gumman (means old lady, but is used like Americans use “honey”, a loving nickname for a girl)

Maria Ceder was born Berg, and is the daughter of Magnus Berg, Mattsmyra’s first Don Juan, and the grand-daughter of Hugo Berg, long-lived ghost of Roteberg.

She’s got two half-sisters, Susanne Berg and Ingeborg Wern, and three daughters, Sofie, Lena and Agnes.

Agnes finds her true hobby, while turning on the TV. She likes film and literature. She’s also rolling romantic wants involving her intended (by me) Georg Mattsson, and I congratulate myself.

Agnes: ”You know, when we grow up, we’ll get married”

Georg: *love *

Then her sister Lena is ruining her dreamdate by setting her dinner on fire.

“I will be so happy when she leaves for Uni!” Agnes seems to think.

Look! Sofie is back, to continue her adult life at Tallåsen. To remind the readers, Sofie is a Scorpio Fortune sim with an LTW of becoming a Business Tycoon. She graduated in Business without honours, and is in love with Martin Montell, who’s still at Uni.

Lena is spending her last day at home reconnecting with Lotta Hartwig, her best friend while they were growing up.

Agnes is invited to an outing with Livia Johansson, the man eater. Something is happening on that outing that Robin Logren doesn’t appreciate. He’s falling out of love with Livia and the outing score goes down to “boring”. Tobias seems to agree with boring.

Back home, Lena is applying for scholarships. She qualifies for seven different ones – a new Mattsmyra record! Then she leaves for University.

Agnes arranges a smustle party to celebrate Lena’s leaving. Georg is here again.

And then she gets invited to another outing. The gang is playing kicky ball outside Café Petite in Mattsmyra. The outing is OK.

And we end the update with a picture of Orlando, enjoying a session on the treadmill. He's still working hard to reach his LTW of becoming a Captain Hero.

Tallåsen after round 16:
Maria Ceder
Orlando Ceder
Sofie Ceder
Agnes Ceder

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