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SimLand University, year 57-59

Year 57

Since Sofie and Martin autonomously fell in love again when he moved into the Greek House, but have only one bolt, I decided Sofie should try a new look, to appeal to Martin better.


He likes custom hair and hats, which is hard to combine, so we go for custom hair only. She also changed her glasses, since I’ve realised that all my sims are wearing the same glasses.

Martin also changed his looks for Sofie. She likes full facial make-up, which I don’t, so I go for the football stripes and give him a matching haircut and clothes to be more jock like. The efforts are paying off – the couple has got two bolts now.

Their fellow Greek house member Tony tries to blend into the wall.

Lotta continues to be all social, despite her 2 outgoing points. I really hop the SS will come and take her, I don’t know how to do that, though.

The fourth Greek House resident, Max, is not doing much noticeable. He’s got an interesting appearance nowadays, though…

An occasional kitchen fire is of course inevitable. You would think the GH is an Asylum.

Sofie and Martin are calming down in the hottub before their exams.

At last! I’ve seen this only in other blogs. A black limo is pulling up outside the GH at night. Disa Liljeroth (isn’t she the police woman?) is doing a chicken dance in front of Lotta who looks surpised, to say the least.

She gets handcuffed. Look at how ignorant her GH friends Sofie and Max are! Jerzy in the background was probably in on it all

Disa puts Lotta in the limo and drives her to the Sim Order. The other members meet her there. She’s friends with Christa and Sofia, maybe they were the ones getting her in.

Lotta gets her suit and hangs out with the SS for a while, but nothing else happens, so she goes home.

Martin and Max are spending some time in the hottub with Jerzy and Sofia, as we now know that they are SS members. Not that we get any points for SS, but anyway.

Yet another fire puts Max over the edge of insanity. With his childhood it is understandable that he’s a bit sensitive, but he gives j68 -1p >:(

After buying a lot of games and curtains for the GH, and after the shrink visit Max is soon feeling better.

The GH has a new bowling lane, and Lotta is entertaining her new friend Jerzy there, in between lectures.

Max is feeling lonely, despite the busy schedule of the GH. He calls his (adoptive) mother Maja for comfort.

Lotta Hartwig, daughter of Lasse Hartwig and Ida (Mattsson) Hartwig, is graduating Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy in year 57. She will move to her Morbror (Uncle) Tobias in ’58.

She celebrates by bringing her SS friend Jerzy Rodiek to woohoo in the hottub. Sweet adult life, here we come! Lotta has the Romance aspiration and an LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.

Sofie Ceder, daughter of Orlando Ceder and Maria (Berg) Ceder, is graduating without honours. She will move back to her childhood residence of Tallåsen. She’s got a Fortune aspiration and an LTW to become a Business Tycoon.

Lotta is throwing her last party at Uni. Her Professor Lilja is attending, and also her friend, Sofie's little sister Lena.

Sofie also throws a graduation party. She’s very awkward looking – check out her feet! In the hot tub Lotta Hartwig is raising hte party score with the help of Kevin Rodiek.

Year 58

With the girls gone, the two Fortune boys are buckling down and goes in deep with their studies. Martin is writing his paper for the exams of first semester Junior year.

He’s also working on his flower arranging badge. The readers might recall that Martin’s father Jesper Montell bought a flower shop with the intention of passing it over to Martin when he graduates.

After finishing all his tasks for the last semester of Junior year, Max is working out, to be prepared for his future career as an Athlete.

Year 59

Lena arrives to the dorm, and pledges to Rynkbaksvägen 80 Greek House already the first night.

Unfortunately Martin was hiding all the pledge-visit, but Lena succeed in becoming friends with Max. Maybe she’ll make it next time. She chooses her major instead, and goes for Political Science.

There´s something wrong with Lena’s panel – she more than fulfills the demands for skills, but the meter is showing otherwise. I certainly hope it doesn’t affect her grades.

Second time, Lena keeps her eyes on Martin, and succeeds in getting accepted as a member. Over to the Greek House!

When Lena moved to the Greek house, her panel straightened itself out. Problem solved.

To celebrate her first semester and Max’ last, Lena and Max decides to leave the Club of Virgins. I had nothing to do with this!

However, let them have their fun. Both their intendeds are still teens. We’ll see what happens after Max leaves Uni and Sebastian and Agnes are arriving.

One night at a toga party, Lotta is invited together with Kevin Rodiek, her childhood friend. And there is love!

Martin throws his graduation party. He graduates Summa Cum Laude in Business. He was wearing his robe for a while, then he went outside and shifted to his outerwear, and never got back to the robe afterwards.

His brother Sebastian will be coming to Uni next round.

And here Martin is leaving. In the picture we also see Sofie Ceder, his girlfriend, who changed her looks again. He will move in with her and her parents at Tallåsen after graduation.

Max is cooking himself for his graduation party. His birth mother and his pregnant adoptive mother are here.

Max graduates Cum Laude in Biology, and will start a new lot in Mattsmyra. Future will tell which woman, if any, he will marry.

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