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Ovanåker year 57-59, A Famous Author

Previously at Ovanåker, Jack died at an age of 47 and Stella didn't remember him. Stella was fired and lost her LTW of becoming a Celebrity Chef. Instead she took up novel writing and continued to new lovers.

Stella continues to write novels


With the new times we have we can even see what she’s writing

It’s a story of greed and deceit, of course spiced up with some sidestepping.

The book hardly left Stella’s hands before it was an instant success!

The delivery lady Beata Hamilton even comes by with a First Edition copy for Stella. Great!

Then Stella finds her true hobby to be Science. I didn’t expect that!

At daybreak she continues to flirt with the neighbourhood men. Jonas doesn’t seem to disagree with the treatment.

Stella’s brother Daniel drops by, and the three of them watches a movie. Stella and Jonas did something more in between, but I leave that to your imagination...

Stella is the daughter of the late Dan Mattsson of Mattsgården. Her siblings are Loke Mattsson of Mattsgården (her twin), Daniel Mattsson of Holmsveden, Ida Hartwig of Färila, Tobias Mattsson of Hamre and Thea Bardh of Öljung.

Stella never had children of her own, and never had any desire to, either. When her niece Elisabeth Mattsson, Loke’s daughter, is finishing University she will move in with Stella.

Sometimes even famous authors with a Romance aspiration has to do mundane things, like grocery shopping.

To liven things up, she’s having a water balloon fight with Maximilian Johansson outside the mall.

And in the evening she’s asking the married Jonas for a date to Tobias’ bowling alley/love nest. Results as expected.

After woohooing Benjamin Lång, Stella acts like a proper Faster (Aunt) and invites her nephews of Mattsgården for dinner. And there we leave the famous author Stella Mattsson for this round.

Ovanåker after round 16:
Stella Mattsson

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