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Storfallet year 57-59, Random Acts

Previously at Storfallet, Britta was not happy with her home venue, but didn't close it. Instead she was spending time with her house mates only, leaving out all guests. Robin gave up drinking and him and Kerstin were skilling. Robin wants to excel in crime and Kerstin wants to get fit. No romance, weddings or babies.

Britta and Robin are starting to act more like a three-bolt couple.



But usually they are only playing poker with their customers.

The second couple at Storfallet, Konrad and Kerstin, are taking their relationship to the next level.

Robin is promoted to Cat Burglar and is promptly starting to study for his next promotion.

Kerstin tells Peter Sims, their customer, about her first woohoo with Konrad. He’s very interested in the subject and they discuss it at length.

When leaving Peter she's continuing what she was doing - Kerstin needs another creativity point and starts writing a children’s book of magic.

The home business reaches level 4. And that's it!

Storfallet after round 16:
Britta Logren
Robin Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm

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