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Vallsta year 57-59, Workoholics

Previously at Vallsta, Christel practised her outing skills with somewhat disappointing results. Jonas wanted a new career, but j68 loves the helicopter pool too much and wouldn't let him.

Christel got promoted two steps in one day. First she performed the Heimlich manouver on someone in a restaurant, and then her friend William stringed her up one level. Now she’s lacking charisma points to get promoted again.


Jonas is working on his body points, since he wants to shift careers from business to athletics.

The couple has 23 friends in between them, I’ve never seen anything like it! It must be because they are both former townies.

And Jonas is maxing his body skill.

Christel maxes her charisma skill.

Her work is paying off – she reaches her LTW by being promoted to Hall of Famer, at age 39. Way to go Christel! 2 p to j68.

Christel’s new LTW is to become a City Planner, but she cannot find a job in the right field. It would be fun if she could though, I've never had anyone in that career before.

Jonas finds a new job in the Athletics career, as he has been wishing for.

And there the excitement of this house ends. Two adult Fortune sims without children don’t create too much drama.


Vallsta after round 16:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon

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