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Sörbo year 57-59, Louise

Previously at Sörbo, we had diaster after disaster. The nannies nearly got Gerd taken by social services. Ingeborg had a very bad pregnancy and almost died. Gerd wasn't able to grow up due to exhaustion.

We left this house in a terrible state last round.


Luckily for them, Seasons and Free time has been installed since then, and everyone is feeling fine again.

They even have the energy to let Gerd grow up!

They spend the rest of the night playing ”Don’t wake the llama”, the game Gerd got for her birthday.

Baby time!

Of course it’s a girl. She gets Common name no 30 – Louise, and she’s born on the 3rd of August ’57.

Gerd brings Karina Ottomas with her home from school, and they spend the afternoon playing basketball.

In the evening it’s already time for Louise’e birthday. Time sure flies.

Mission completed, Louise grows up to toddler. She turns out to be an extremely neat, active and nice Virgo. (10, 10, 10)

The first thing Louise does is finding out her true hobby, which is tinkering.

Then Jerry teaches her to walk.

Gerd comes home with a great report card at the same time as Ingeborg gets promoted to Flight Officer.

And the round ends with sisters Gerd and Louise bonding over the activity table, while their parents are working on giving them another brother  (who am I kidding?!) or sister.


Sörbo after round 16:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Gerd Berg
Louise Wern

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