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Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 57-59, Another Girl

Previously, Lisa and Checo were arguing over curtains. Engla got an A+ report card on her first day of school. Tessa taught Engla how to study. As if she would need that. Elmer was abducted and got pregnant.

Engla plays the piano while Mormor Lisa cheers her on.


The original Ramirez house had invisible obstacles in it when I opened it, so they decided to move. The new house is bigger, which is good for this growing family.

My long term goal is to get all the former townies back into the founding families of Mattsmyra, but that will take a while! For one, I plan to pair up Engla with Hugo Mattsson of Mattsgården, but they don’t know each other yet. And we’ll have to see how their aspirations match.

All afternoon Engla is entertaining herself and half the neighbourhood by playing the piano. There’s not much else to do in this house at the moment.

Here’s baby!

Of course it’s a girl. Meet Common name no 28 – Elin, born on September 25th ’58. Farfar Checo does not recognize her as his grand-child. His locked want didn’t come through.

On the other hand it’s logical, since he’s Tessa’s father and not Elmer’s – j68 is stupid!

Checo might not be Elin’s Farfar biologically, but he’s taking her to his heart anyway.

An interesting fact is that it is the same pollination technician who has impregnated Elmer, as it was Maximilian Johansson of Österås. That means that Elin has got a half-sister by her father Pollineringstekniker 11 – Vera, and one half-sister by her “mother” Elmer – Engla.

And now – Engla’s birthday.

She grows up very well, and chooses the path of Knowledge, maybe inspired by her newborn alien sister. She turns on from black haired logical people, and turns off from artists. Hmm.... Hugo Mattsson has black hair (of course, since he's a Mattsson), and he's Knowledge, too... We need these two to meet!
By the way, Engla's LTW is to become the Head of SCIA.

Being Knowledge, Engla wishes for an admission to Private School and the head master Kostas Jernstedt is invited for Comfort Soup. Wonder if that’s a good choice or not. All the neighbourhood has invited themselves to this dinner, only Elmer is from this house.

Then it’s Elin’s birthday all of a sudden.

Elin really has no nose at all! She also turns out to be an extremely nice and very shy Pisces.

Engla is accepted in private school! Barely, but it’s enough. And there we end this round at Strandbrynsvägen 407, which means Beach Front Road.

Strandbrynsvägen 407 after round 16:
Checo Ramirez
Lisa Ramirez
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Engla Ramirez
Elin Tång



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