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Runemo year 57-59, Well-adjusted

Previously at Runemo, Märta grew up to toddler and learned all her skills. Then we had a fire and bought a car. We also contemplated on sim DNA.

With the new times, there’s another toddler skill to learn.


Barbro gets right down to it with Märta, singing the nursery rime in the morning hours. I also suspect Barbro is pregnant, with needs dropping rapidly.

It’s Märta’s birthday again. Half the neighbourhood and half of Uni is here. And - false alarm on the pregnancy

Märta: ”Look at me, Morfar, I’m all grown up!”

Jesper: “I say, you really are, and you grew up mighty fine, too, my second grand-child”

Here is Märta's family tree. She's got three uncles and two aunts, but only two cousins so far, they are Uncle Simon´s kids. Barbro is one of Inger and Jesper's six children, who he wants to marry off, all of them. We're half-way there with Martin, Malva and Sebastian still in Uni.

The next day, Märta’s knowledge father is helping her with her homework. She’s all too happy to do them, too. Sickenly well-adjusted little one.

And since they have one adorable daughter, the couple continues to try for another one. Barbro is a Family sim after all.


Runemo after round 16:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Märta Sandvall


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