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Anckarströmsesplanaden 201 year 57-59, Tragedy Strikes

Previously, Anna and Allan moved in, got married and got themselves jobs.

Anna is of course pregnant. She’s Family after all


Allan looks happy about that fact, even though he’s Knowledge himself.

Oh no! Tragedy strikes! Allan and Anna gets the flu, and Anna loses their baby!

The young couple tries to act normally. Maybe the pain will go away that way.

Anna is exhausted after her bad experience and falls asleep in her comfort soup, which she so desperately needs.

Eventually she manages to get the soup down to take away the flu, and goes to bed. She decides to take a day off work to sleep and recover, but she’s having constant nightmares.

When she finally give up on getting some sleep, she can think of nothing else than her lost baby.

After a long time of mourning, Allan and Anna have a talk.

“It was very unfortunate what happened, and we will never forget it. But at least we have each other and we are the best of friends. Maybe it’s time to try again, what do you say?”

Well, Anna is pregnant again, and hates every minute of her morning sickness. Of course, who wouldn’t? Maybe she’s afraid to have to go through another miscarriage, and doesn’t feel that she can be happy about her pregnancy?

It doesn’t feel good. Anna is not only feeling sick, but she’s in pain, too. She goes straight to bed to relax.

And she wakes up in the evening to experience the first pop. So far, so good. Let’s hope this time it ends better. The result will be known in the next round, since it's now time to go.

Anckarströmsesplanaden 201 after round 16:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad


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