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Los year 57-59, Grilled Cheese

Previously at Los, Emilia moved in and so did Patric, her boyfriend from Uni. Then they had Grilled Cheese sandwiches

Patric finds his preferred hobby, which is Science.


How appropriate for a Knowledge sim who wants to max all skills!

Emilia, the grilled Cheese sim, wishes for little else than eating or serving Grilled Cheese, so an occasional fire is bound to happen.

Otherwise this is a completely uneventful house. Patric reads about cleaning and Emilia plays the piano.

Then they eat some Grilled Cheese. And – by the way, Patric got promoted to Dive Master. Emilia doesn't even have a job, since her LTW is not workrelated and she never wishes for a job either. She's a full time Grilled Cheese sim.

They also find time for their first (!) woohoo

And then – back to skilling. Kerstin Tidholm of Storfallet is visiting, playing the piano for the couple. Next time I wish that they will wish for something else than Grilled Cheese and skill points...

And we round off with Emilia's family tree. She's the eldest child of Loke and Barbara Mattsson, and grand-daughter to the late Dan Mattsson. Her sister Elisabeth is in Uni and her brothers are still at home with their parents.


Los after round 16:
Emilia Mattsson
Patric Carlsson



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