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Mattsgården, Saturday-Wednesday

Dan Mattson rather eats himself than watch his children starve. In the early morning hours he makes a bowl of cereal and gobbles them up alone, seated on the lot’s only chair.

Oh no, Ida starts spending time with her brother Tobias too late, the social bunny already arrived! -1p for j68. The kitchen interior is still impressive. Not.

”Lena, you are fabulous, I’m so happy you’re my friend. Don’t you want to move in with me and all my children? We can build a life together” says Dan.

”My dearest Dan, of course I want that! I’ll love your children like my own son!” Lena replies, moving in with 75 simoleons. Well, it’s enough for a pizza.

While darkness falls, Lena’s ability as a step-mother is tested, when Tobias is fighting with Elsa Strandh, an extremely nasty guest.

Tobias is a weakling, so he looses the fight. Elsa is leaving in triumph.

The anticipated pizza is delivered at last. The family is starving. The measley simoleons Dan made has to go to food, but it’s too expensive to call for delivery. Dan takes a quick trip to The Round Barn for grocery shopping, so quick that the photographer missed it.

Lena arrives home promoted to rookie, exhausted enough to fall asleep on the sidewalk. Stella and Ida don’t care much, but are continuing their game.

At nightfall it’s partytime. Daniel becomes a teenager with a romance aspiration. Ida and Loke are joining the party.

Oh, the love between siblings. Tobias is rubbing Ida thoroughly. 

Oh the love between adults. Lena is proposing to Dan.

Dan recognizes his male responsibility and marries Lena. She’s now Mrs Mattsson.

The honey moon is started in pyjamas. That’s what happens when you party too much. The guests are dressed up anyway.

There’s a problem with privacy in a house without walls, but in the end Dan and Lena are able to seal their marriage. Unfortunately there’s no generation 2 in sight, a small sound was missing…

Tuesday morning, the newly grown-up Daniel is making breakfast for the family. His lifetime wish is to become a Sports Legend. We’ll see what the future brings.

No tingeling sound this time either. Poor Dan, he wants a child with his new wife so bad. Question is what Mrs Ramirez is doing in the couple’s dreams.

Dan and Daniel has caught the flu, and just to be sure to make everybody else sick too, they are playing in the children’s room. The nursery is one of few rooms that actually got four wall, but such luxuries as windows, carpets and wallpapers have to wait. Lucky Mattssons it’s never winter in Mattsmyra.

Sick or not, early Wednesday morning Dan succeeds in producing a small sound in bed. Now Lena needs to keep in shape so that she won’t have a miscarriage.

Loke succeeds to become a teen without being fetched by the social worker. He gets the family aspiration and has the hots for stinking brunettes, as long as they’re not in their underwear.
Stella grows up to a teen too, which means that Mattsgården now has five teenagers! Stella acquires the romance aspiration. She likes make-up and hats, but turns off on glasses.

And with a picture of the infamous half finished house, we’re ending this session with the Mattssons. The house will be fine when it’s finished. Question is, will Lena keep the baby? Will the family be able to afford the babygear needed? What happens to the family peace with five teenagers under one roof?

Inhabitants in Mattsgården after round 2:
Dan Mattsson
Lena (Myhr) Mattsson

Ida Mattsson
Tobias Mattsson
Daniel Mattsson

Loke Mattsson
Stella Mattsson
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