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Mattsgården year 60-63, Contact Established

Previously at Mattsgården, Elisabeth missed her Farmor Lena and moved to Uni. Georg got a job in the Slacker career and dated girls. Barbara was skilling. The family invited their daughter Emilia and her boyfriend Patric for dinner for the first time since Emilia moved to Uni. Hugo grew horns and grew up well to teen with a Knowledge aspiration.

Hugo asks the gypsy for a blind date.


I hope he gets Engla Ramirez, I think they would be a perfect match.

Eeeh… No! Couldn’t you have brought us a teen!


So Hugo goes to Bluewater for shopping groceries, and to maybe run in to Engla. Far-fetched, but what to do when the Gypsy is useless?Maximilian Johansson of Österås is shopping too. He thinks kissing Hugo would be repulsive. Good! I agree, he’s not for you!

Looky here! He doesn’t meet Engla, but her Morfar Checo! An opening into the Ramirez home! Hugo tells Checo what a good student he is.

The next day Hugo sets my plan to work. He invites Checo and his family – and look! Engla came with him!

Unfortunately only one bolt, but we have had worse! Plan set to action.

Georg, the heir, still believes he’s going to get 50 1st dates in his life. Dream on! You can have one, though.

Georg is the son of Loke and Barbara (Lennestål) Mattsson, and the grandson of the late Dan Mattsson. He’s their third child and eldest son. His sisters Emilia and Elisabeth moved out, while Georg and his brother Hugo are still living with their parents.

Cecilia: “Well, this was boring”

Georg: ++

While Georg and Barbara are at work, Loke and Hugo are bonding on the kitchen floor.

And with her last charisma point, Barbara reaches her Impossible Want of maxing all skills. Yay Barbara! 3p to j68!

Georg collects only one scholarship for Uni. But it doesn’t matter, he’s happy anyway, because he’s leaving!

Also baby brother Hugo is happy, since he gets his first kiss, from Engla! J68 is also happy, mission accomplished, contact established!


Mattsgården after round 17:
Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson



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