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University year 60-63, part 1

As usual, we're not doing Previously at Uni

Year 60
The new group of students arrive to the dorm at Uni. It’s Sebastian Montell and his siste Malva, and Elisabeth Mattsson.


Elisabeth really needs some new clothes!

Malva applies for membership in the greek House. Lena is evaluating her. She’s accepted.

Meanwhile, Elisabeth is starting to act like a Romance sim.

Then she pledges to the Greek House and is accepted.

Sebastian was accepted so quickly that I couldn’t even get a picture. He knows Lena very well, since she was his girlfriend in high school.

Back at the Greek House, Lena throws a toga party and asks the new kids to move in. She also invited her parents, as always. It’s nice that she’s got such a good relation with them, but it’s a bit inappropriate to have your parents attend a toga party, don’t you agree?

Lena and Sebastian are celebrating his moving in, in an adult fashion.

Lena leaves for her finals, and Elisabeth is laying her hands on Sebastian. This will be interesting. Actually Elisabeth and Sebastian have two bolts, while Lena and Sebastian have only one. Lena has two with Max, who just graduated.

Only a little bit confusing.

Talk about confusing! Elisabeth wakes up early one morning and confirms what she has been expecting for a while – she’s pregnant!

She’s in Uni, only on her freshman year – will she be able to support the baby, and will she be able to finish her studies? If the pregnancy goes well, that is!

Malva has reconnected with Malcolm Markövertag, and they get along fine.

...really fine… Hope she doesn’t get pregnant, she’s Fortune and enjoys Uni!

Also, I’m suspecting Lena to be a Romance sim in disguise. When greeting Kevin Rodiek she fell in love with him. Christa from the SS is stunned, and Kevin himself even worse!

Later – Lena, I know what you did!! I thought Kevin was devoted to Lotta Hartwig. Maybe he is, but doesn't let that stop him...

Then she becomes a Big Sim on Campus even though she’s incredibly hungry. 1p!

And now for something completely different: Baby time at Uni!

Meet Rut – Common name no 83. She’s got her mother’s eyes and her father Kevin Burlin’s hair colour. She was born on the 11th of June ’60 at SimLands Universitet. Wonder if Elisabeth will be able to bring her home when she graduates, or if she’ll have to give the girl up?

Year 61

Agnes Myhr arrives to the dorm and immediately finds the man of her dreams. He’s right there, living in the same dorm! Kevin Rodiek is his name and he’s incredibly hot. Three natural bolts! My plan was to marry him off to Lotta Hartwig, but that was just cancelled!

Agnes applies to the Greek House and gets four five members to schmooze. She’s best friends with Malva since high school, so that’s one down, three four to go.

It ends in a disaster – I’ll tell you why:

The fifth person arriving, that I didn’t notice at first, was baby Rut! Actually she was the one answering the phone, too!

I tried to delete her, and then the test ended and said that Agnes didn’t make it.

I have read that YA mothers need to live alone with their off-spring at Uni, to be able to take the kid home, otherwise it will remain with the other playables in the house. I had planned to move Elisabeth out just before graduation and let Rut grow up in the Greek house, but apparently it’s going to screw the GH up.

Therefor, we take a tour to the GH and move Elisabeth out, bringing Rut.

Elisabeth is moved to the dorm where Rut’s father, Kevin B, lives. The first thing I see when the lot is loaded is this – Agnes’ three-bolter Kevin R is getting it on with Lena, the Romance sim in disguise.

Agnes does another try with the GH. And Lena is flirting with Kevin R again. Cut it out, you’re in love with Sebastian and he’s RIGHT HERE!

Agnes has a very hard time getting along with Sebastian, who’s the leader of the GH test-out.

He’s busy, too… Lena, you are really not a good girl, it’s just a couple of hours since you were in that same bed with ANOTHER man!

She looks like she made it, but she didn’t. Maybe next time! Keep in touch with Sebastian and Lena on the phone, so maybe.

Elisabeth finds that her preferred hobby is music and dance.

Agnes called the GH for a membership again, one hour before she had to leave for class. While Sebastian and Lena was at the dorm, something happened involving the llama.

Probably Lena flirted with him! Sebastian got furious and fell out of love with Lena (or the llama?). That’s too bad for the atmosphere in the GH!

Gaahh!! So close! Sebastian is a tough one, he won’t budge!

Another try.

And finally she’s in! Her and Kevin R will move to the GH, and Elisabeth, Rut and Kevin B will remain here at the dorm.

And in the dorm we have an unusual event – a birthday party! Rut will become a toddler.

Rut has brown hair! It must be from her father. She looks like a boy in that outfit and that hair. She turns out to be an extremely active, but mean Scorpio. This one will be a handful!

And after a few days, this is an ordinary sight at the dorm. Kevin B is studying, while Rut is playing at her activity table. The parents are not very happy, but they manage school.
Except that Kevn’s finals were at the same time as Elisabeth’s class, so he missed it. Well, what can you do, juggling children and studies is hard.

Despite her parents having too little aspiration to make her smart milk, Rut gets potty trained. Good girl!

Then something happens in the upstairs bathroom of the dorm – Rut becomes a child!

I’m starting to wonder what will happen if she’s still living in the dorm when she becomes a teenager. Will she turn into a YA immediately? That would be awkward, since her mother would be the same age.

Now when she’s a child, Rut is old enough to claim her own room. I found that pretty sweet!

Right after Rut’s transition to child, Elisabeth finishes her sophomore year. If you know a bit of math, maybe you understand why I wonder about Rut’s teenhood.

Since we’ve got enough Romance sims already in Mattsmyra, Elisabeth re-rolls – to Family of all things!


To be continued...

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