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University year 60-63, part 2

Greek House year 61

Malva invites Malcolm. I’m so pleased with this development :)


Here we go for part two

And then this happens. Agnes and Kevin R are making it official.

Then Malva yells at Kevin R for breaking the shower.

The next day someone is finally finding out about Lena’s cheating ways. She was flirting with Sebastian and Kevin saw it. They had a thing going before Kevin met Agnes, and it was never finished. Luckily now it is!

I was tired of Sebastian’s Pleasure aspiration, and he was miserable himself, so he re-rolled after sophomore year. And he rolled Romance... Well, that’s an aspiration we’re used to in Mattsmyra.


Year 62, The Dorm

Rut continues her pretty lonely life in the Dorm. She makes drawings while students pass in and out of the main hall.

She plays with her bird Nisse, while students write their term papers.

And she works in the garden.

Elisabeth’s new LTW is to become the Education Minister, so she decides to change her Major to Psychology.

Even a child growing up in a dorm can end up getting A+ report cards. Way to go Rut!


 Year 62 Greek House

We start year 62 with a fight between the cow and the llama. I´ve read that if they fight the llama will wïn and the cow will never be seen again. I disagree! The cow keeps losing, but she also keeps coming back.

Lena invites her friend Lotta Hartwig for a toga party, where noone uses a toga, as usual. Sebastian finds Lotta three bolts hot, since he’s now Romance. Which means he cannot resist flirting with her. (OK, I admit, I did it)

That makes Kevin furious, stomping around in his toga (!). Relax, man, you’ve got your own three-bolter now. Keep to Agnes!

Several days later, Kevin has still not forgotten what Sebastian did to him and attacks him. A very nice atmosphere in the Greek House nowadays, indeed.

At the next toga party, though, we have love. Martin Montell did something to Elisabeth, i didn’t see what. Anyway, she fell madly in love with him. NOT with My Montell as it looks like!

 *sigh* Elisabeth, you're supposed to move in with Kevin B!

And our newest three-bolters find love at the same party. I have just decided where Sebastian will live after graduation – at Hamre, with Tobias and Lotta.

At the next party (yes, they do little else than party) Martin falls in love with Elisabeth. That’s interesting, he lives with Sofie, his college sweetheart now!

Lena is having a dreamdate with Max. He’s a bit ambivalent when it comes to women. He seems to know that Lena is the kind of girl you woohoo, and Agnes is the kind you love. Nevertheless, he wants to marry them both. With his upbringing at Korskrogen, it’s understandable that he doesn’t know what you can and cannot do in love, lust and marriages.

Lena graduates from her studies of Political Science, without honours. She hosts a salmon dinner for the Greek house and guests. Max, her future intended has stayed over the day, in the attic it seems, since he’s frozen blue.

And year 62 ends with Lena’s leaving to go live with Max at Rävkullen.


Year 63 – The Dorm

Georg Mattsson arrives to the dorm in a pirate outfit. He apparently never grew into his facial features either. Well, well, let’s just say that he’s unique looking.

He succeeds immediately to be accepted in the Greek House and will move there after his first lecture.

Rut grows up very well to teen. She rolled Fortune and turns on from blond artists and turns off from logical people.

Oops! One hour after her transition to teen, Rut transitioned to YA. I did suspect it would happen. OK. Plan B – Kevin B and Elisabeth will move back to the Greek House, and Rut will stay here unplayed, until her generation reaches college age, in about 20 years.

J68’s advice – if you use InTeen, make sure your females are using birth control in Uni, or let them drop out as soon as they get pregnant.


Year 63 – The Greek House

The greek house is really busy these days, with seven students living there. I’ve never had so many at the same time. It will be only this year though, since Elisabeth, Malva and Sebastian will graduate soon.

A rare moment – all the GH inhabitant except one (Agnes) in the same picture. Elisabeth graduated Cum Laude, but remains here, waiting for Kevin B. They are going to live with her Moster Stella at Ovanåker.

Malva is graduating Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics. She will move in with, and marry Malcolm Markövertag IV and continue their dynasty in Bluewater.

He doesn’t mind our plans either, that’s great!

Big party! And Malva’s off to get married!

And in the midst of a roaring party, Kevin B succeeds to be socially depraved… -1p…

Sebastian is throwing his graduation party too. He graduates without honours in Philosophy. He never cared much about school, being first Pleasure and later Romance. His lover Lena, who is now grown up and living with Max (Johansson) Benett, doesn’t seem to appreciate his advances anymore!

Sebastian is packing up and leaves, but first, he takes his graduation picture with Elisabeth. You can’t have her, man, she’s Family now, and you’re Romance!

Kevin B is graduating without honours in Political Science and moves out.

Closely followed by Elisabeth. Now there’s only three students left at the Greek House, leaving j68 some room to breath. A couple of minutes, until all the class of ’64 arrives, five of them!

The End


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