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Korskrogen year 60-63, Uneventful

Previously at Korskrogen, the girls had excellent report cards and grew up to teens. Daniel reaches his LTW to become Chief of Staff, at age 61. Åsa met Noel Bardh and played chess with him

Daniel Johansson is now working as Chief of Staff at Mattsmyra Hospital.


In his free time he’s offering financial advice over the internet.

Daniel’s daughter by Maja Benett, Åsa, wants to become best friends with Hugo Mattsson, so she invites him over.

Åsa Benett is, as mentioned, the daughter of Daniel Johansson and Maja (Benett) Hartwig. Her half-sister is Stina Johansson, and adoptive brother, who is actually her cousin, is Max (Johansson) Benett.

Livia, our Femme Fatale, is still entertaining Mattsmyra’s bachelors whenever she gets a chance. Tobias Mattsson is her favourite. At the moment anyway!

Livia Johansson is the youngest of the four orphanaged children that started out here at Korskrogen 60 years ago. Her oldest sister Inger already left this world, but her twin brothers Daniel and Maximilian are alive and well. Daniel lives here at Korskrogen, too, and Maximilian lives at Österås with his partner and his daughter. Livia has a daughter, Caroline, by Robin Logren, and a son by Ricky Cormier, Max, who is registered as the son of Maja Benett.

Sofie discusses Science with Loke Mattsson, her longtime friend and teenage love. Sims never forget their loves, do they?

Last tree for this update. Here we see Stina Johansson. She’s Daniel’s legitimate daughter by his wife Sofie. Stina is also half-sister to Åsa.

Stina is a failure when it comes to dating. Here she’s giving her date Jussi a noogie.

There will be no 50 first dates for you, my dear, I would go crazy.

Nothing much is happening at Korskrogen this round. The girls are all skilling for University. Caroline changed her looks. This hair suits her better, it makes her special eyes visible.

Caroline, too, has that 50 first dates want, which I remember on occasion. She ordered a date from the gypsy, and she got The Slob Sverker. Both Caroline and the gypsy seem to be a bit immature, giggling hysterically when Sverker farts.

He’s way too old for Caroline, but he is actually kind of good-looking in a Swedish kind of way.

Korskrogen after round 17:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson
Stina Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Åsa Benett


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