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Roteberg year 60-63, The Bucket List

Previously at Roteberg, Susanne and Patrik started trying for generation 3, and Susanne got pregnant. Then they got engaged, but couldn't get married, since we need to keep the name Berg at Roteberg. Kim was perma-plat and dating as usual.

Susanne is writing a dramatical book about a pediatrician called Dr Susanne.


Maybe it’s to write off her anxiety with her pregnancy

The book was a bestseller, of course!

And here’s delivery of the first edition to Susanne’s very door.


Another girl in this girly society. She’s born on the 19th of August ’60, and gets Common name no 42 – Monica

Susanne is the daughter of Kim (Thulin) Berg and Magnus Berg. Her sister is Ingeborg Wern and half-sister Maria Ceder. Now she also has a daughter with Patrik Mellberg, Monica.

The very cop-like Patrik gets promoted to Lieutenant and comes home to rescue Monica from the nanny. He looks really concerned over her well-being.

The same night Moica is growing up to toddler. Pappa Patrik changed into his casuals. He looks like motorcycle hooligan, I just love his moustaches.

Susanne arrives home in the middle of Monica’s birthday party, promoted to Celebrity Chef at age 44. That was also her LTW. 2p!

Mormor Kim, the Romancer, is behaving like a Family grand-mother, her wants revolving around Monica. She had a wish to teach her to walk, which she did, and now she wants her grand-daughter to talk and sing with her.

Susanne is starting her second novel about Dr Susanne. This time Dr Susanne has to deal with failure...

And Susanne is pregnant again. Little Monica will get a little sister (90% probability for a girl in Mattsmyra) in ’65.

That leaves Patrik with a lot of time to bond with his daughter, since Susanne is tired all the time. No morning sickness though, so she’s lucky that way.

Kim’s time is approaching and she decides to leave with a bang – with a date with hottie Tobias Mattsson, as part of her "Bucket List"

Well, apparently j68 is cross-eyed and Kim has another day to live, so she has a chance for another conquest, namely Jesper Montell. He’s Family, but he’s a widower now, so it’s OK.

It works fine between them, and Jesper wants to get engaged to Kim.

Well, by some reason it doesn’t work for Kim to ask Jesper to get engaged, but woohoo works fine. And we have a dreamdate!
And thereby we're leaving, with Kim still hanging in there, and a new baby on its way. See you next time!

Roteberg after round 17:
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Berg



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