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Letsbo year 60-63, Typical Behavior

Previously at Letsbo, Hans started haunting the house. Georg was not pleased, but Allegra was. Georg reached the TOC of Law Enforcement and became Captain Hero at age 45, thereby fulfilling his LTW.
We also had a Swedish traditional Valborg-celebration with underaged drinking, bonfires and a teenage party hosted by Annika.

Annika Lind is catching up with her homework.


We’re thinking about what to do with her love life. She does have a three-bolter in Ralf Lilja, the goth kid, and normally I would totally go for that. But on the other hand, she’s got two bolts for both the Bardh brothers, Noel and Simon, and they are playables in a perfect age for her. I’m not sure it’s mutual though. Maybe we’ll just have to wait and see.

Annika invited Simon and serenades him. He seems to appreciate it.

He seems to appreciate it a lot! Annika gets her first kiss from Simon Bardh, and j68 sees a future for this couple.

In the early morning hours before school, Annika and her little brother David is playing Marco Polo in the pool. It’s already autumn, but it’s still warm outside.

And then it’s time for Georg to leave for work. Nice commute!

Georg is the only child of Hans Lind and Melissa (Falk) Lind. He´s married to Allegra (Gast), who he met in Uni and they have a daughter, Annika Lind, and a son, David Lind, together.

Annika and Allegra are playing chess when Annika arrives home from school.

In the evening it’s finally time for David’s birthday. I feel like he has been a child forever!

He grows up very well to teen and choses the Popularity aspiration. His turn-ons are black hair and perfume, but he turns off from neat freaks. He finds Vera hot! Too bad she’s heir to her house and he’s heir for this house.

David has decided on his LTW, which is to become a General, and his preferred hobby, which is Music & Dance.

The rest of the evening Annika is hanging out with her best friends Vera and Stina, since David was completely exhausted and went to bed.

On Saturday Annika and David behaves like teenagers and go shopping for electronics and espresso. Here we are at IKEA, that’s why we have a lot of beds on display.

Back home, Annika, being a Romance sim, is risking her University studies. At least she’s risking having to wait longer than necessary, by woohooing with Simon.


Meanwhile, Allegra, being a Knowledge sim, is working on maxing another skill, while David, being a Popularity sim, has worn himself out to throw a great party, again.

And being Family, Georg reached his first LTW of becoming a Captain Hero, and can only wait for his second LTW (Golden Anniversary). Consequently he’s got time to persue his hobby, which is Arts and Crafts. He´s working on getting his bronze badge any day soon.

And there it's time for us to leave.

Letsbo after round 17:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind
Annika Lind
David Lind

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