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Lottefors year 60-63, Two Children Only

This house marks one round with Freetime and Sesons installed.
Previously at Lottefors, we had a lot of things going on. Simon Carita had their second child, a son they named Marcus. My grew up very well to child and found her love of Games. Malva met Malcolm Markövertag and j68 started to hope for a match. Sebastian and Malva moved out to start University and Jesper bought a flower shop and started to learn the trade.

Malcolm Markövetag, future son-in-law to Jesper Montell, is making himself useful.


When Jesper had to take a nap, Malcolm grabbed Marcus, his future wife’s Brorson (Nephew) and fed him a bottle. Good in-law!

In the evening it’s Marcus' birthday and time for a family reunion. Four of Jesper’s five moved-out children are here.

And with a giant teddy as his only company, Marcus learns to use the potty really fast.

Marcus’ father Simon comes home early promoted to Surgeon. He brings with him from work his brother-in-law, Allan Törnblad, who is married to Simon’s sister Anna.

Simon Montell of Lottefors is the eldest son of Jesper Montell and his late wife Inger (Johansson). His siblings are Barbro Sandvall of Runemo, Anna Törnblad of Downtown, Martin Montell of Tallåsen and Sebastian and Malva montell, recently graduated from college.

Simon is married to his college sweetheart Carita (Rosén) and they have a daughter, My Montell, and a son, Marcus Montell, together.

With their parents sleeping in on Saturday morning, My is trying to teach Marcus a nursery rhyme. He doesn’t seem too bright though. Or just not interested enough. Marcus is an extremely playful, but very mean Gemini. There will be a lot of pranks in his future!

After an hour, maybe there’s hope for Marcus’ musical education.

By lunchtime Marcus knows the nursery rhyme, and My is satisfied with herself. Their father is not amused, though.

“Get out of the way, I’m starving to death here! Just look at my skinny elbow!”

By nightfall we have a surprise – Carita is pregnant, and kid no 3 is on its way!

Despite the day getting colder and wetter, Jesper is working on his flower arangement skills. When he reaches a gold badge, he will transfer the business to Martin and just manufacture Snapdragons. If we’ve got the time...

Oh no! Carita gets cramps too early! Completely unexpected, she’s in pretty good shape.

She loses the baby, and is of course devastated. And tonight was supposed to be a happy night, it’s Marcus’ birthday again!

When Carita takes Marcus to his birthday cake, she still has tears in her eyes. But life is for the living and needs to go on, despite everything.

And Marcus grows up well, looking very much like a Montell, with his prominent cheekbones and dark skin. Next time we’ll see if there ever will be more than two kids in this family.

Lottefors after round 17:
Jesper Montell
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
My Montell
Marcus Montell

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